5 Fall Outfit Ideas For Autumn’s Most Iconic Activities

by Alexis Puebla

5 Fall Outfit Ideas For Autumn’s Most Iconic Activities

From apple picking to cheering on your football team at the tailgate, autumn has so many opportunities for an Instagram-worthy fashion moment.


Fall is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited to wear oversized sweaters and comfy leggings as our go-to outfit of choice, accessorizing only with a PSL in our hand. From evening bonfires to movie marathons—we’re breaking down the only five fall outfit ideas you’ll need this season.


1. Fall Outfit Idea: Patterned At The Pumpkin Patch


Spending your weekend at the apple orchard or heading to the pumpkin patch is an iconic fall activity, and the Instagram-worthy moments are just an added bonus. You’ll want to wear an outfit that is comfortable enough to jump up for the juicy Honeycrisp apple at the top of the tree, but also stylish enough to frolic through the pumpkin patch like the fall maven you are.




For this look, we had some fun mixing fashion prints. We paired a simple striped cotton dress with fall’s staple item: a plaid blanket scarf. We kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple with a distressed denim jacket, black leggings, and a matching brown crossbody bag + detailed bootie combo. To add some extra flair, we threw some ruffled boot socks into the mix for the little feminine touch we love.


Dress: $38, Lulus
Leggings: $19.95, American Eagle
Jacket: $59.95, American Eagle
Scarf: $24.99, Modcloth
Booties:$246, Nordstrom
Purse: $245, Nordstrom
Socks: $12.95, Zappos

2. Fall Outfit Idea: Football Tailgate


Set, hike! Fall and football go together like vests and flannels, which is why every good tailgate outfit needs the latter. There’s nothing better than a cool and crisp fall day, and tailgating for your favorite football team makes it that much sweeter. We’re ready for our early morning Irish coffee and an endless spread of good eats, please!



This tailgate outfit is gameday ready. We paired a stylish graphic tee with a matching flannel and vest duo because you want to be comfortable as you cheer on the home team. A pair of denim skinny jeans finishes off the outfit, but not before adding the classic pair of white converse. You’ll want to wear a pair of shoes that will provide extreme comfort, because football games require a lot of standing and walking. And of course—every tailgate outfit needs a pair of stylish shades.


We are also majorly obsessed with this clear crossbody bag from New Chic. Have you ever seen a stadium-approved bag look so chic?


Shirt: $16.99, Etsy
Flannel: $33.71, American Eagle
Vest: $120, J Crew
Jeans: $58, Nordstrom
Shoes: $50, Nike
Purse: $16.39, New Chic
Sunglasses: $107.99, TOMS

3. Fall Outfit Idea: Halloween Party That Isn’t A Costume Party


Costume parties are sooo last year. This year it’s all about dressing for the holiday without having to paint cat whiskers on your cheeks with your eyeliner again. And though our days of dressing up as a witch are behind us, who says you still can’t have a little trick with your treat?



In this outfit we paired a fun graphic tee with a chic pair of black skinny jeans. Throw on a black leather jacket with a pair of studded black heels, and your look will scream edgy glam. We just loved this cat velvet crossbody, because nothing says Halloween like a purse with whiskers.


Shirt: $15.99, Etsy
Jeans: $49.90, Nordstrom
Jacket: $240, River Island
Heels: $62.65, Macys
Purse: $29, ASOS

4. Fall Outfit Idea: Bonfire Babe


Bonfires are a staple fall activity that often get overlooked. More often than not, attending a bonfire is a spontaneous weekend decision that usually forces us to throw on a pair of leggings and our go-to comfy sweater and by the time we’re halfway through making our first s’more we suddenly realize we wore the same outfit the day before. Ugh, the horror.



For this look, we chose a classic pair of dark wash skinny jeans paired with a knee-high brown leather boot. With a quintessential fall base, we were able to get a little fun with the top, so we chose this ultra stylish grey fringe sweater because it’s super fashionable but also incredibly cozy. Just in case there’s a slight chill in the air, we threw on an army green military vest for an added style factor.


For a feminine touch to this stylish ensemble, we added a pair of semi-precious stone stud earrings by Kate Spade. The fire may be burning hot, but you’ll be the one setting off flames.


Jeans: $49, Gap
Sweater: $70, Nordstrom
Vest: $88, Nordstrom
Boots: $149.90, Nordstrom
Earrings: $38, Nordstrom

5.  Fall Outfit Idea: Scary Movie Marathon


From scary movie marathons to binge watching the new season of Stranger Things, you’re going to need a go-to comfy outfit this fall. Whether you’re running to the store to pick out your snack + wine spread or are cozying up by the fire for hours on end—every couch potato should look stylish as she kicks back to relax.


In this look, we took a basic white tee and paired it with black velour leggings. Yes, you read that right: velour leggings.


We then added a soft and cozy grey poncho for extra comfort just in case there’s a shortage in your blankets supply. Oh, and what kind of cozy outfit wouldn’t include a pair of knit socks? Don’t worry, we’ve got those too.


T-Shirt: $9.99, H&M

Poncho:$69.50, Loft

Leggings: $22.90, Forever21
Socks: $14.99, LLBean