8 Hacks For Making Your High Heels More Comfortable

by Hannah Marsh

8 Hacks For Making Your High Heels More Comfortable

Who doesn’t love a sleek pair of high heels? We all love them (or love to hate them), and you shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort. These tips will be lifesavers… or should we say feet savers!


Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about the current trendiness of sneakers. However, with the amount of confidence that comes from slipping on a gorgeous pair of high heels, our favorite dress-up shoes aren’t going anywhere.


And while they make our calves look freaking fantastic, there’s no doubt that after a few hours (or even a few minutes!), they can wreak some serious (and painful) havoc on your poor feet.


But not all hope is lost! The internet has several tips and tricks to making your favorite high heels way more comfortable, so you don’t have to sacrifice your feet in the process.


1. Tape Your Toes


While medical tape is recommended for the longest lasting use, you can definitely grab some scotch tape and try this hack out.


By wrapping your third and fourth toes together, you can (supposedly) redistribute the weight and alleviate foot pain. Apparently, there’s a nerve that splits between those two toes. By taping the toes, you can remove strain on the nerve and lengthen your shoe-wearing time!



2. Gel Insoles


This tip is always a go-to for any style of shoe, but especially heel-wearers. They make insoles specifically for high heels that can protect your arches, which you’ll definitely appreciate during long periods of standing.


3. Use Moleskin


Prevent the friction and rubbing that cause blisters with moleskin. No it’s not made from an actual animal. It’s a soft, cotton flannel with adhesive backing that comes in pads and can be cut to fit whatever shape you need. The best part is that it’ll stay dry and soft to protect your skin way longer than a bandage!


4. Deodorant’s Secret Use


Try rolling transparent deodorant over the parts of your foot that rub against any area of the shoe (i.e. straps, heels, etc.). This can help prevent chaffing and make a heel way more bearable.


5. Strap In


Wearing a shoe with adjustable straps and/or buckles can ensure that your feet fit snuggly into your heels. This will help avoid unnecessary rubbing and irritation, as well as make it possible to adjust the shoe as your foot swells through the night.


6. Go Shoe Shopping At Night


As we’re up and around and going about our busy lives, our feet have the tendency to swell as the hours go on. By trying on shoes in the store at the end of the day, you can almost immediately tell if they’ll be uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.


7. Consider A Chunkier Heel


There’s no denying that stilettos are fabulous, but there are a time and a place for them (and if you won’t be sitting most of the night, then it’s not the time or the place). Try going for a shoe with a chunkier heel. It’ll help your weight be more evenly distributed and put less pressure on the ball of your foot.


8. Lose Some Height


If you have a pair of high heels that you adore, but you can’t take out of the box because of how badly your feet hurt before you leave the house, try taking them to a shoe repair show to have a little height shaved from the heel. Being just a little lower to the ground could do wonders for your feet!