8 Ways to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits

by admin

8 Ways to Transition Summer Pieces into Fall Outfits

As much as we love planning cozy fall outfits, there is something sad about summer trends coming to an end. What will you do with all the purchases you made only two months ago? Transition them—that’s what. Look through our collection of perfectly styled blogger outfits that blend airy summer favorites with practical fall pieces.


Shorts with Tights



Don’t put away your shorts at least until there is snow on the ground. Seriously. Throwing on a cute pair of lace, silk, or even denim shorts over fleece-lined tights is an edgy way to use summer staples. Kayley from Sidewalk Ready rocks a monochromatic version of this look that’s perfect for a girl’s night out.


Mini Dress with Thigh Highs



Let’s be honest: You can find a mini dress paired with black tights and boots at any social gathering all fall and winter long. Take a tip from Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, and pair your short dresses and skirts with a pair of warm thigh-highs instead. If your legs aren’t up to braving a few inches of cold, put a pair of skin-hued pantyhose underneath. We won’t tell anyone, promise.


Graphic Tees under Utility Jackets



We know there is nothing easier to wear than a fabulous graphic tee. Don’t let cold weather make you shy away from this fun, short-sleeved summer basic. Grace of Stripes and Sequins blends her super summery T-shirt into her fall outfit by layering it under a casual utility jacket.


Sandals with Socks



Your dad may have humiliated you on every summer vacation by pairing socks with sandals, but this trend is entirely different. It’s classic and stylish: Soft-hued socks with leather, heeled sandals evoke memories of schoolgirls in the ’40s. Gaby from Feminine Bliss puts together the perfect early fall ensemble by pairing a feminine skirt and heels with gray socks and a structured oxford shirt.


Maxi Dress under a Leather Jacket



Maxi dresses seem like an obvious transition piece, but they can be hard to pair. Cardigans look too matronly, blazers seem out of place, and kimonos can be too breezy. Liz from Late Afternoon shows that a black moto jacket is the perfect mix of tough and girly.


Cropped Sweater over Long Layers



Cropped shirts are perfect for warm summer nights, but they’re just as easily suited for fall outfits when layered over longer tanks, T-shirts, or button-downs. Nelly from Nairobi’s Fashion Geek perfects the look by pairing a bright cropped sweater with a sheer dress shirt and a fall handbag.


Denim Vest Over a Sweatshirt



Nothing says carefree summer style like a distressed denim vest, but you don’t have to go trading it in for puffer vests and long-sleeved jackets anytime soon. Fall is all about layering, and Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black shows you how fabulous it can look over a crew neck sweater and dressed up with girly accents. Long live the denim vest.


Crochet Tank Top with a Structured Blazer



Crochet tanks are a casual staple for summer, great for everything from beach days to date nights. Transition the flowy piece to fall outfits by wearing it with a military-style blazer, as Amy of Dreaming in Cashmere does here. Fall weather will make it seem like a cozy knit sweater, rather than an airy boho top.