14 Creative Ways To Wear A Bandana

by Sierra Burgos

14 Creative Ways To Wear A Bandana

Bandanas are arguably the most underrated accessory. We wore them in middle school before it was cool, but now they're back in style and better than ever. Let the celebs show you how to wear a bandana, and look like a bad b*tch while you're at it.


The Girly Headband



Fashion vlogger Alex shows us how to copy celebs like Kylie Jenner and Pia Mia by adding a bandana to simple messy waves. To get the look, start by taking a curling iron and wrapping random sections of your hair around it. Once your hair is as wavy as you’d like, top it off with light hairspray or texturizing spray. Fold your bandana and wrap it around your head, tying the ends at the front. Give your tresses a good fluff and you’re festival-ready.


The Soft Side Pony



Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles used a similar technique for her bandana hairstyle, only she swept her hair into a pretty side pony. Lightly curl the pieces in front for a more feminine look.


The French Girl



We can’t wait to try Jess Keys’ magnifique bandana style. Simply roll your bandana and then tie it around your neck, leaving the ends loose. We love how Jess styled it with a collared shirt and classic jeans.


The Pop of Color



If you simply want to add a pop of color to any outfit, grab a colored bandana and tie it around your bag. Especially if your outfit is neutral, tying a bright colored bandana around your purse adds just the right amount of sass.


The Pinup Gal



Let Andra Day show you how to wear a bandana the timeless way. Get her gorgeous hairstyle by teasing your hair and putting it into a messy bun. Fold your bandana in half and tie it around your head for the sexy pinup look.


The Hidden Headband



Hailey Baldwin went for a simpler festival hairstyle in this Instagram post, and it’s easy for anyone to achieve. Section off the top half of your hair and put it in a bun or ponytail. Fold you bandana and wrap it around your forehead, under the top section. Tie it in the back and let your hair down for a fun alternative to a headband.


The Wrapped Bun



When you want a cute hairstyle without the fuss, try this wrapped bun by Milabu. Put your hair up in a high bun, and wrap your bandana around the bun. Secure the ends with bobby pins or tuck them in.


The Cowgirl



Mindy shows us another alternative to the flowy boho bandana style: a braid. Keeping those soft pieces in the front, braid the rest of your hair on the side of your head and secure with a clear elastic. This look would also work with two braids.


The Belt Babe



No belt? No problem! Grab your old bandana and loop it through your belt loops. If it isn’t long enough, tie the corners of two bandanas together. Or, loop the one bandana through only the front loops and tie it in a bow.


The Sassy Updo



Copy Pia Mia’s effortless style with this updo-bandana combination. Throw your hair up into a high bun and tie your bandana around your head. We especially love the white bandana and gold hoops.


The Hair Bow



How adorable is this bandana bow? All you have to do is put your hair into a bun or ponytail and tie the bandana around it, ends facing front. Then, tie the ends like shoelaces, creating a bow. Voila!


The Biker Chic



Let Kylie Jenner show you how to wear a bandana: biker chic style. Fold your bandana in half and wrap the longer end around your head, tying the corners in the back. Unleash your innner badass and rock a leather jacket with the bandana.


The Retro Look



Pia Mia, can we be you? To get this look, start by lightly curling the ends of your hair. Section off the top half and tease it, pinning it in place. Pull out some face-framing pieces if you’d like. Cover the bobby pins in the back with a bandana, and tie in front. Finish it off with texturizing spray for that undone look.


The Trendy Bracelet



Spice up an old outfit by tying a bandana around your wrist to act as a bracelet. Roll the fabric and wrap it around your wrist a couple of times for an entirely new and unique look. Try working a colorful bandana with an all black-and-white outfit like Emily from Isn’t That Charming did.