The Fanny Pack Is My New Favorite Bag—Yes, Seriously

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The Fanny Pack Is My New Favorite Bag—Yes, Seriously

How the once tacky tourist carry-all, the fanny pack, has now become the chicest "It bag" of the season.

My closet is an exploding assortment of bags at the moment, and who can blame me? I have beach totes for towels, clutches for date nights, crossbody bags for drinks, an exploding assortment of straw bags, and my latest obsession and new front-runner accessory: my fanny pack.

Think I’m joking? Girl, if you haven’t noticed yet, you need to look around, because whether it’s called a fanny pack, belt bag, or some other moniker, this bag is everywhere. From celebs like Kendall and Beyoncé to almost every fashion blogger known to man, everyone has been rocking Gucci’s Belt Bag these past several months, and it doesn’t look like this trend is slowing down anytime soon.


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The once infamous tacky tourist essential has gotten a face lift with street style and high-end options. This fashion no-no has become a fashion essential. And it’s no longer reserved for just the “fanny.” Now, there’s so many more ways to wear it.

Stylists and designers style them like a shoulder bag, either throwing it over one or wearing it across the chest like a crossbody. I also love seeing it cinched across the small of your waist outlining and emphasizing your shape in a dress, functioning like a belt. It can give off a relaxed, athleisure vibe or a put-together, preppy look, depending on how you wear it. Just look at Caroline Daur’s street style at New York Fashion Week, giving some seriously chic ‘90s workwear vibes.


Another thing you can’t beat about this bag (as boring as this sounds)? The functionality. A fanny pack has room for the essentials: keys, cards, and phone, all while remaining hands-free. I used to love my backpack when I was biking to and from my internship when I lived in Chicago, but having a fanny pack is way easier to get out my lipstick without having to take the whole thing off.

I just ordered this Herschel Supply Co. fanny pack off Amazon, and I am obsessed. I wanted a more casual option for biking downtown, going out to eat, hitting the farmer’s market, and attending summer concerts. The material is high-quality and it has a cute leather tassel, signature striped lining, and a roomy interior, without being too big or cumbersome.

Herschel Supply Co. fanny pack

Shop It! Herschel Supply Co. Fifteen, $30

I style mine at the waist and across the body, and it honestly feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Well, it has… literally. No longer is my arm aching from lugging around my planner, old receipts, five chapsticks, bug spray, and a plethora of other things I don’t need in my shoulder bag. But most importantly it’s a casual cute look that I would no longer rather crawl under a rock and die than wear.

wearing fanny pack across waist with a striped dress
Wearing fanny pack across chest with striped dress

So if you’re looking for a new summer bag that won’t weigh you down and can get through security check at a festival in a breeze, look no further than my new “It” bag, the fanny pack. Call it a belt bag or waist bag if you can’t stand the word “fanny,” but this hands-free bag is a must accessory for summer.

Here are some other options for this trend! In fact, I just might order the last one for myself as a more formal fanny pack option.

Tory Burch belt bag

Shop It! Tory Burch Miller Belt Bag, $228

House of Harlow rainbow belt bag

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State blue and white toile belt bag

Shop It! State Feminist Toile Webster Fanny Pack, $75

Patagonia belt bag

Shop It! Patagonia Lightweight Travel Mini Belt Bag, $29

Free People belt bag

Shop It! Georgina Belt Bag, $108