Catch Positive Vibes in the New Year with Good Luck Jewelry

by Jin Moon

Catch Positive Vibes in the New Year with Good Luck Jewelry
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It’s almost the end of another year. If your 2019 was kind of meh, it’s probably safe to assume you’re hoping for a big, uplifting 2020. 


Of course, it’s not enough to hope. Start making some moves towards a more inspiring new year by taking control of your future. Make a promise to be more decisive, and spend some time figuring out who you really are and what you really want out of life. Allow only “awesome” things into your mind and body. 


Why not also send your wish out into the universe with a lucky charm? That’s how most things happen, right? Everyone always says it’s a little bit of being in the right place and right time, plus a dash of good luck.


Across cultures and superstitions passed down through the generations, there are many symbols of luck. From elephants and wishbones to ladybugs and horseshoes, read on, and pick the talisman (or talis-woman, as the case may be!) that resonates most with you. We also chose a stylish jewelry accessory for each lucky symbol, so you can carry the good fortune with you everywhere!



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Elephant Earrings


Elephants are a common animal symbol that shows up in relation to feng shui. Feng shui is essentially a guide in Chinese culture on how to spatially arrange a room for the best flow of positive energy. The elephants are typically depicted trunk up as a posture of good luck. Well-designed animal jewelry is often hard to find, but we adore these elephant earrings from Jared. They’re made of sterling silver and have diamond accents with an understated look that, thankfully, avoids being gaudy or cartoonish.

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Ojo Evil Eye Pendant


It may sound contradictory, but the symbol of the “evil eye” is actually for good fortune. It’s got a protective element to it. In an amulet form, the eye is supposed to reflect evil intentions back to the sender. This Ojo pendant from Bauble Bar is perfect for warding off the haters and keeping you focused on shaping your own future. The gold beads of the eyeline and pearls that circle the turquoise iris are simply striking.

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CarterGore Gold Lucky Cat Pendant Necklace


Even though you see them all over your local Chinatown, the lucky cat symbol didn’t originate in China. It actually is a Japanese symbol called Maneki-neko, which translates to “beckoning cat.” This starts to make a lot more sense when you realize Hello Kitty is the most famous Maneki-neko. We like how this CarterGore necklace is designed with a tattoo-style etching to give it some edge against a classy, gold pendant and chain.

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Ten79LA Wishbone Necklace


If you celebrate Thanksgiving, you’re probably already familiar with the tradition of breaking the wishbone of the turkey between two people. Whoever ends up with the bigger piece then gets to make a wish. If you’re not really into that, you can just wear a symbol of the wishbone around your neck. We love the simplicity and elegance of this modern, gold charm necklace from Ten79LA.

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Butterfly Huggie Hoop Earring


Usually a butterfly in the sky is an omen of good luck in your future. If you’ve ever been to a butterfly exhibit in a botanical garden, you know that just the experience of having these beautiful creatures flutter around so delicately brings a natural euphoria. Skip the urge to get a stereotypical butterfly tattoo, and instead opt for them as sparkling charms dangling from hoops on your lobes.

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Pandora Pink Ladybird Pendant


Did you know ladybugs and ladybirds refer to the same insect? Ladybird, as you might have guessed, is the British term. Now there’s one less question you have to ask Alexa. These beetles not only look cute in polka dots, but they also spread good luck and cheer when they land on you, as the saying goes. We love this blush pink enamel and rose gold twist from Pandora. The black crystal spots really enhance the cool pendant design.

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Argento Vivo Horseshoe Pendant Necklace


You don’t have to be an equestrian to know horseshoes are a symbol of luck. The only argument is whether they should be pointed up or down. They are typically pointed up to be full of fortune. Others say the shoes should be pointed down so that luck is pouring onto you. It’s your personal opinion in the end that matters. We vote for pointing up so it feels like our luck is always on the rise. This Argento Vivo design is extraordinary with its sparkling baguettes.

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iStone Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

Another well-known symbol of luck is the good ol’ four leaf clover of Irish lore. Anyone who’s been to a pub or partied on St. Patrick’s Day has seen this symbol ... most likely on a silly T-shirt that said “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” (Yuck.) Most of us have probably looked through the blades of grass for one just in case? This iStone pendant necklace gives us just enough green color in the jade pendant to easily identify the four leaves of the clover while still being subtle for a more sophisticated look.

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Dreamcatcher Pendant


Always dream big. And you know what else? Always dream positive as well! That’s the tale of the dreamcatcher in the Native American tribe of Ojibwe at least. It was thought to protect from nightmares. Let’s be real: No one wants Freddy Kreuger to show up while they’re asleep. It can’t hurt to wear a dreamcatcher around your neck to ward off bad spirits and welcome all things that bring us light. This gorgeous gold-plated design has stunning diamond accents that mesmerize and gold feather details that softly sway.

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ASOS Design St. Christopher Coin Pendant


If you’re a jet setter, you may want to pay homage to the patron saint of all travelers — St. Christopher. Wearing the medal of St. Christopher is said to protect you on trips so it can’t be too much of a stretch for it to also protect you on this thing called life. At least that’s what we’re hoping for. This coin pendant necklace from ASOS Design also works wonders as a great conversation starter. It’s a friendly invitation to talk about all the destinations you’ve explored and hope to travel to on your next adventure!