I Have 3 Pairs Of Tiny Sunglasses, And Everyone Hates Them But Me

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I Have 3 Pairs Of Tiny Sunglasses, And Everyone Hates Them But Me

Tiny, Matrix-themed sunglasses have been the most controversial eyewear trend of the year. With Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid on my side, let me further convince you that small frames aren’t the enemy.

Not all fashion trends are beloved or even widely accepted by the public. Take naked leggings, blue lipstick, or colored mascara, for example. But even after public endorsements by many an “It girl”, the tiny sunglasses trend is still considered inherently evil by the masses, to my dismay.

The debate over whether the revival of teeny tiny spectacles can be attributed to designers like Adam Selman, Alessandro Michele, and Balenciaga or more so to Kanye West’s approval of the trend—via an email to wife Kim Kardashian West forbidding her from wearing her signature big glasses in favor of small ’90s frames—isn’t as prevalent as the general disapproval of this look as a whole. Some people even call them “alien glasses.”

Actress Mindy Kaling chimed in on the resurging trend, taking to Twitter voice her concerns. “I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look,” she tweeted with many approving replies to follow. Anne Hathaway posted the tweet on Instagram in agreement, confirming we won’t see Hathaway rocking retro cat-eyes any time soon.

In defense of tiny sunglasses, I purchased my first pair mid March after fawning over the exact carmel-colored Le Specs sunnies Bella Hadid had been sporting all season. It was love at first sight (no pun intended). Maybe it’s the sturdy plastic fit or the overall glam feel I get when I slide them onto the bridge of my nose, but after losing my go-to sunnies of six years, I wasn’t sure I’d ever find a replacement that perfectly fit my face.


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I’m not sure if everyone has this struggle, but finding sunglasses that don’t overwhelm my tiny face or look too bug-like is a hard feat. So when I find a style that fits just right, I go a little overboard. That’s exactly what happened when I found these spot-on replicas of Gigi Hadid’s favored Le Specs sunnies for only $8. I promptly ordered this tiny cat-eye in two colors, classic black and a super retro white, and am constantly debating buying more. (Hello, Amazon Prime.)

I can understand the argument against the practicality of the tiny sunglasses trend, but speaking as someone with small almond eyes and a rather small head, I don’t have any issues shielding my little brown eyes from the sun. On the contrary, all three pairs I’ve purchased have dark tinted lenses and UV ray protection.


Aside from the fit, this style was basically made for Instagrammable moments. KKW, Kendall, and Zoe Kravitz can’t resist, and I don’t blame them. I myself have to hold back from snapping a selfie every time I pull these hated glasses out of my purse, channeling my inner Olsen twin. We do have the same birthday after all.

I’m still desperately seeking another bright pair of sunnies, but it’s safe to say that I will be turning down any oversized frames for the more stylish tiny silhouette this summer. My point? Tiny sunglasses come in a variety of shapes, colors, and even sizes—yes, you can have large tiny sunglasses. Trust me, after trying on hundreds of sunnies at stands and kiosks, there is a pair for everyone, no matter your face shape or aesthetic. Retro, sporty, chic—see and shop my favorite tiny sunglasses below.


Metro Flat Lens Sunglasses, $26, Topshop


Le Specs Outta Love Caramel Tan Tint, $59, Nordstrom


Quay As If!, $65, Revolve


Special Collection by Gigi Hadid x Vogue, $140, Vogue Eyewear


Life On Mars Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters


Crap Eyewear The Ultra Jungle Sunglasses, $79, Urban Outfitters


Super Skinny Thin Small Narrow Sunglasses, $14, Amazon


Illesteva Roma II Round Sunglasses, $220, Net-a-Porter