I’m 6 Feet Tall And I Won’t Give Up Wearing Heels

by Taylor Borde

I’m 6 Feet Tall And I Won’t Give Up Wearing Heels

Shop an editor’s favorite heels for the warm seasons ahead, and read about her complicated relationship with being tall while loving a classic pair of slingbacks.

For someone who struggled—and sometimes still struggles—to embrace her vertical advantage, throughout the last 22 years I somehow find myself owning handfuls of heels, despite my six-foot height.

So how do I deal with being taller than most of the general population when finding the perfect pair of heels? Well, I’ve learned through my own experiences, with help from Zendaya’s badass attitude, to simply embrace being tall and feel comfortable in my own skin.

“If you're tall, people are going to comment on you being tall, whether you like it or not," Zendaya said. "So you might as well be extra tall—you might as well look fabulous while they comment!” I’m right there with you, girl!

striped jumpsuit and wrap-around open-toed pink heels

Whether it’s a classic pair of kitten-heel slingbacks, a trendy embellished block heel, or my personal favorite, the “goes with everything” mule, investing in comfortable heels you don’t dread to walk in will give you more than just a few inches. You can expect sexy, defined legs no matter your height and an air of confidence that’s hard to come by elsewhere than strutting in those sky-high pumps. (Don’t worry—kitten heels will do too!) Though I admittedly don’t need the extra height (that’s me finally owning my six-foot status), I happen to be firmly in favor of a little extra lift in my step if it can make me look and feel more fearless, even on my worst days.

wrap-around open-toed pink heels, retro sunglasses, and polka dot skirt

Another reason I’m pro-heels is the simple fact that they make any work outfit a little extra polished. They give my casual jeans dress code a more refined feel with the addition of just a few inches, making my Monday through Friday mornings a lot easier to plan out. Though I have worn my favorite white sneakers to work on an occasion or two, I always feel I need to compensate with fancier pieces to make up for the casual kicks, being a lot more work than I intended. Whether a heeled ankle boot in the fall or a chunky sandal in the summer, heels have become my fail-safe solution for elevating even my most basic jeans-and-tee combos, and are definitely worth the ogling stares as I strut my six-foot-plus stuff down the streets.

orange slip dress layered over a striped shirt with brown leather mules

closeup of brown leather mules

No matter if you’re petite or tall, a seasoned pro or a wobbly newbie, you too can rock your power walk with a stunner pair of heels. Check out a handful of my warm weather high-heeled picks to add some serious style (and lift) to your everyday strut.

ASOS DESIGN Tosh Suede Crossover Sandals

ASOS DESIGN Tosh Suede Crossover Sandals, $87, Asos

Jaggar In Detail Kitten Heel Pumps

Jaggar In Detail Kitten Heel Pumps, $164, Shopbop

Nine West Gingham Helmer Mules

Nine West Helmer Mules, $89, Macy’s

Sole Society Helgah Fringe Sandal

Sole Society Helgah Fringe Sandal, $80, Nordstrom

Forever 21 Studded Caged Sandals

Studded Caged Sandals, $38, Forever 21

Wild Pair Missme Knotted Tie Front Gladiator Sandals from Target

Wild Pair Missme Knotted Tie Front Gladiator Sandals, $50, Target