Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally Making Headway In The Fashion World

by Hannah Marsh

Plus-Size Jewelry Is Finally Making Headway In The Fashion World
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Clothing brand Universal Standard has officially launched its plus-size jewelry capsule, but they aren’t the only company that has extended their accessory sizing.


While there definitely has been some progress throughout the fashion industry in regard to plus-size products, to say that the selection is anywhere near as vast or of high quality as traditional runway fashion sizing clothes would be a lie. This issue has been especially prevalent in the plus-size jewelry sections for consumers.


And considering the average woman would fall into what fashion brands deem “plus-size,” this is a huge issue for inclusivity.


Longer necklaces tend to fall in the wrong spot on the front of the body, rings are mostly the flexible kind that have to be continuously adjusted around a finger, and pieces that weren’t made to size just tend to not fit quite right on so many bodies. But thanks to Universal Standard, the direct-to-consumer brand for sizes 10 to 28, the selection for extended jewelry sizes is about to get a whole lot better.


The label recently released a limited-edition collection of accessories specifically designed to fit comfortably and look fabulous on sizes above 10. The platinum designs are simple and clean with a certain amount of drama that makes them versatile in how they can be styled. And with the prices capping out at $70, the line is comfortable for your wallet, too.


The average size of a woman in the United States falls between a 16 and an 18, so it’s confusing as to why the majority of companies and designers in the fashion industry continue to create clothing and accessories targeted almost exclusively toward single-digit sized products.


Universal Standard isn’t the only brand expanding their jewelry pieces into the plus-size realm, though. ASOS’s Curve line sports an impressive number of products available in extended sizes, including rings, anklets, bracelets, and an assortment of chokers to adorn any outfit. Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, and Torrid also find themselves among the brands who have opened their jewelry and accessories up to be more size-inclusive, and we’re definitely loving where things seem to be headed.


“Jewelry is just the beginning. We want women above size 10 to feel like they have options, like things are getting better all the time,” Universal Standard’s co-founder and CCO told Glamour. “That’s our reason for being.”


In a society where the average-sized female is considered “plus size,” we’re just happy that she might be able to finally find some quality jewelry now, too.


Shop Universal Standard’s website for the rest of their collection, and here’s to hoping the rest of the fashion industry can continue to follow in their inclusive footsteps!


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Silver Knot Bracelet


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Silver Rings


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Silver Necklace


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Silver Layered Anklet


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Silver Feather Bracelet


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Gold and Diamond Rings


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Black and Gold Choker Necklace


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Stack-able Gold and Black Bracelets


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Gold Body Necklace