Add Edge to Any Outfit with This DIY Ear Cuff

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Add Edge to Any Outfit with This DIY Ear Cuff

Ear cuffs are the ultimate ear adornments. They’re like a statement stud for your entire ear. Wearing one (or two) of these bold, edgy earrings will make you feel like a confident fashionista, ready to take on the world. With a little help from recycled vintage sparkle and some jewelry supplies, DIY ear cuffs are easily within your reach.

Ear Cuff

The ear cuff trend really started back in the day with vintage earrings, so what better approach than to utilize some old vintage pieces for this DIY ear cuff? A lot of vintage earrings had the big, rhinestone look that you could swing all the way up your ear for a cuff look. That style is back now with the ear cuffs we see today. This DIY ear cuff utilizes vintage rhinestone shoe clips and basic jewelry findings.

Ear Cuff: Materials

Materials: Vintage shoe clips, wire cutters, earring posts and backs, clip-on earring backs, E6000 craft glue, needle-nose pliers (optional), end-cutting pliers

Ear Cuff: Step 1

1. Remove the shoe clip backing with the wire cutter. You may need to use pliers to pull the back off or to bend it to get a better angle to cut it off. This will give you a fresh, flat surface to work with when you're creating the cuff.

Ear Cuff: Step 2

2. Using a strong craft glue, place an earring post at the bottom of the cuff. This is where the cuff will be placed on your earlobe. The rest of the cuff will swing up your ear, with the post keeping the cuff in place from the bottom. Next, determine the clip-on placement for additional support. This will be placed at the top end of the cuff so when it swings up from the lobe, the clip will keep it in the upright position. Every clip-on will work differently, depending on where it is clipped on the ear, so test for the most secure placement along the cuff that works best with your materials.

Ear Cuff: Step 3

3. Once you've determined where the clip-on needs to go, glue the clip using strong craft glue,and let dry (I had to trim my clip-on using the wire cutters in order to fit with this particular shoe-clip style). You need to let everything dry completely before trying it on — this is important! The glue needs to be strong enough for you to open and close the clip on your ear.

Ear Cuff: Step 4

4. Let your cuffs dry, and rock them wherever you go!

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