Adorable Tassel Earrings You Can Make Yourself

by admin

Adorable Tassel Earrings You Can Make Yourself

Long, bright tassel earrings are the perfect accessory for this year's upcoming summer wardrobe. Using this tutorial, make your own shoulder-dusting tassel earrings to dress up your favorite maxi dress.

Tassel Earrings

These DIY tassel earrings are to die for AND you can make them yourself! Pick a tassel color and a bead or beads to go with it, and you're all set to create your own tassel earrings! I chose a bright coral thread color and paired it with gold-tone jewelry findings and a faux pearl bead. Celebrities have been rocking the tassel look, so now it's your turn!

Tassel Earrings: Materials

Materials: Scissors, any color of thread (embroidery floss), two jump rings, chain-nose pliers, two eye pins, two or more beads, two French wire earring hooks, and wire cutters

Tassel Earrings: Steps 1-2

1. Decide how long you want your tassels to be. Double that length, and cut a stack of floss to match (you'll be folding the floss in half soon). The number of strands depends on how thick you want your tassel to be. Once you've cut enough floss, tie a tight knot with an additional strand in the middle of your stack. Trim the ends.

2. Fold your floss in half with the center tie at the very top of your tassel. With another strand in any color—I used gold—tie a knot around the tassel about a centimeter below the top. Wrap the strand around the tassel a few times to create a band. Trim the extra when you're done.

Tassel Earrings: Steps 3-4

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second tassel.

4. Using the pliers, attach a jump ring to the top of the tassel by sliding the jump ring underneath the center tie that's holding the strands together. Before closing it, add an eye pin to the jump ring; then close it.

Tassel Earrings: Steps 5-6

5. The eye pin will hold whatever beads you want on the top portion of your earrings. I used two small gold beads and a large faux pearl on each. Slide the beads of your choice on the eye pin.

6. Curve the excess wire from the eye pin to create a hook at the top of your last bead. String the French wire earring hook on the loop, and trim the wire off with wire cutters. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for your second earring.

Your tassel earrings are now ready for summer! For more of Kelly's jewelry inspiration and DIY projects, visit A Sparkle Affair