The Aging Face of the Little Black Dress: How to Avoid it

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The Aging Face of the Little Black Dress: How to Avoid it

Are you introverted, analytical, and shy? Do you have the ability to spend long hours on your own? Do you feel unconfident around others? Are you self sacrificing with a determination to do things perfectly? When you look into your eyes do you have dark “crypts” or “spokes” in the iris? When you put black up against your face are there no dark lines under the chin, shadows round the eyes or lines on the face that are highlighted?

“If you can truly answer yes to all of the above then you probably can wear black close to your face and look great,” says color consultant Jules Standish. “But the majority of British women will not look young and healthy with black against their faces. In fact, it will age them dramatically,” adds Standish.

Jules Standish combines years of experience as a Color Consultant and Stylist to help women make the most of themselves and look their best—whether to feel more confident or just update an image.

Black is a highly controversial subject as it gives the illusion of making women look slimmer. And designers will have us believe that it’s THE color of this season and you mustn’t be seen in anything else—particularly with the party season approaching the LBD will once again dominate the scene.

So how do women wear black if it’s not within their coloring or personality range? Here are Jules’ ten top tips to make sure that you are not ageing yourself dramatically whilst trying to look thin:

1. Do not wear black in a polo neck or crew neck—i.e. up against the face.

2. If you’re going to wear a black top, wear it in a v or low-neckline. That way your natural skin tone will reflect up against the face.

3. Make sure you are wearing the right makeup colors for your coloring. This will go some way to helping you cope with wearing a color that doesn’t bring out the best of your skin.

4. Wear scarves that ARE the colors that suit you. This can knock years of your face instantly and create the lift against the skin to counterbalance all the negative effects of black.

5. Wear colored jewelry, pearls or large amounts of statement gold (warm skins) or silver (cool skins) jewelry around your neck so that black isn’t what reflects up.

6. Put a colored stole, shawl, cape, or pashmina round your shoulders if wearing that LBD.

7. If wearing a black jacket then put on a shirt in a color that works against the skin. If white makes you look like you are in a hospital bed then go for cream, its much kinder on most skins.

8. Black worn from the waist down can be flattering on waist, hips and legs provided you are in the best shape for your body and can then be teamed with fashionably colored tops.

9. Wear a boyfriend blazer in a color of your choice to instantly update an old black favorite.