Alice In Wonderland Halloween Costumes You’ll Go Mad For

by Alyssa Priebe

Alice In Wonderland Halloween Costumes You’ll Go Mad For

Hop down the rabbit hole with us and check out our favorite Alice in Wonderland costume ideas. Whether you want to be authentic, scary, or playful, these ideas meet all your Halloween needs.


The Original Alice



There’s no better way to do Alice in Wonderland than going as the innocent child herself. Just be sure you have blonde hair, or at least a wig, otherwise people may confuse you with Belle.

Must haves:

  • Blue dress
  • White apron
  • Blonde hair
  • Black bow


Tim Burton’s Alice



Tim Burton’s take on this timeless film is a little creepier (surprise, surprise) so if you’d rather lean toward the edgy side, this is the version for you.

Must haves:

  • Blue corset and tea-length skirt
  • Blonde curls
  • Dainty, fingerless gloves


The Original Queen of Hearts



Get ready to scream “Off with your head!” to everyone you meet as you slip into this royal tyrant’s character.

Must haves:

  • Red and yellow dress
  • Gold crown
  • A tendency to overreact


Tim Burton’s Queen of Hearts



Honestly, if we were doing the Queen of Hearts we’d rock Burton’s version over the cartoon. It’s just so much more figure-flattering, not to mention the EPIC makeup.

Must haves:

  • Red and gold dress with hearts
  • Red wig
  • Blue eye shadow


The Original Cheshire Cat



You’ll be anything but invisible in bright purple and pink with this purrfect costume. The best part: you can be as simple or intricate as you want! However, if you’re off to any contests, we recommend going all out.

Must haves:

  • Purple and pink striped clothing
  • Fluffy tail
  • Pink and purple ears


Tim Burton’s Cheshire Cat



If pink and purple just aren’t your colors, then go for Burton’s blue and gray version. Honestly it doesn’t matter which way you go, you’ll end up in the same place.

Must haves:

  • Blue and gray striped attire
  • Slimmer tail
  • A wicked grin


The Original Mad Hatter



Get a little goofy as the Mad Hatter! Wishing everyone a very merry un-birthday is optional, but encouraged.

Must haves:

  • Giant hat
  • Orange, long jacket
  • Teal pants and bow tie


Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter



Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter? Really, there’s no one better. With the giant hat and the right makeup no one will question which character you are.

Must haves:

  • Gray hat
  • Red wig
  • Confusing riddles


The Original White Rabbit



If you’re running late on picking your Halloween costume, this little dude is the perfect solution. Just grab your ears and jacket and you’ll be ready for that very important date!

Must haves:

  • White ears/tail
  • Red jacket/gray pants
  • Over-sized pocket watch


Tim Burton’s White Rabbit



A little less cuddly, maybe, but Burton’s version of the White Rabbit is so much easier to create. We bet you won’t even be able to finish a cup of tea before it’s ready.

Must haves:

  • Purple jacket/red bow tie
  • White ears/tail
  • An over-sized pocket watch


The Original Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum



This is the perfect pair costume. Their twins so all you need to do is make/buy two of whatever you get. You can go with skirts, tutus, or pants, it doesn’t matter as long as you both do the same.

Must haves:

  • Yellow shirt/red bottoms
  • Blue bow tie
  • Red caps/yellow flags


Tim Burton’s Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum



Burton’s version is also just as easy to create! However be careful, if you skip the suspenders everyone is going to assume you’re mimes, until you start finishing each other’s sentences that is.

Must haves:

  • Black and white striped shirt/black pants, red accents
  • Black shoes
  • Someone who kind of looks like you


The White Queen



Burton’s version brings a new character: the White Queen. Although her sister usurped her, we say you’ll rule any Halloween party in this elegant attire.

Must haves:

  • White dress/lace gloves
  • White hair/wig
  • Dark lipstick


For the BFF’s



Regardless which version, Wonderland’s characters pair up nicely for you and your bestie. There are countless of combinations but here’s our favorites: Alice/White Rabbit, Alice/Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat/The Caterpillar, The Mad Hatter/The White rabbit. And of course, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, but everyone does that.


Deck of Cards



If all else fails you can easily turn yourself into one of the cards. Simply paint your desired number and suit (preferably hearts) on white fabric and cut some holes. Of course you could also make a cardboard cut-out, just be sure whichever way you do it, you have a red hood and a paint brush.


Be Creepy



Forget the Disney fluff and the safe characters, if you want a look that’s to die for, creepify your characters. A little strategically placed red paint and dark, circular eyeliner is all you need, but you can go as far as being zombie Alice or the undead Hatter or even a chill-inducing White Rabbit. Trust us, you’ll frighten either way.


Helpful DIY’s



Hello DIY! Buying costumes can be expensive, instead DIY your characters’ essential accessories with these tutorials we found.


Try Tutus



Blue for Alice, red/black for the Queen of Hearts, pink/purple for the Cheshire Cat—well you get the idea. You can buy them from Etsy or make em yourself! You’ll need ribbon and tulle in your desired colors.


Go for Steam Punk



A trendy look in the cosplay universe, steam punk styles work great for Alice in Wonderland Costumes. Slip on some striped tights, toss your hair in pig tails and turn your accessories into futuristic weapons. It’s less traditional and sure to stand out among the other mad people.