All About Fall

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All About Fall

So you’ve just sat back–finally satisfied with your summer wardrobe–having finally snagged nearly everything on your list. That means its time to think ahead to fall, and after covering the US Fashion weeks from Dallas to New York and of course LA, I’m ready to dish. Be ready for an incredibly luxurious fall. Deep rich purple is the color in everything from denims to diamonds (well, almost)! 

Steel grey also is important, as are the ever-lasting metallics. Instead of pairing grey with the usual silver, this fall, look for grey with gold and cream. Loved the boxy, short jackets I saw paired with jean trousers for casual. It works!

And, lots of coats…yes, coats to be worn almost as dresses, either alone or over jeans.

When the weather cools, it’s still going to be jeans, jeans, jeans…somehow we can’t let go of them! As in this past year, you’ll see wide and skinny…but what’s new is going to be very dressy jeans, even for daytime. I must admit, I saw denims with simple embellishments like gold buttons or small zippers at the ankle, which I liked very much.

In closing, here’s a surprising take-a-way from my whirlwind trip–women looked best in Dallas! No more big hair, just fabulous hair. They dressed sensationally, both for day and night. I didn’t see a sweat suit in sight. The Dallas dames were very put together, and looked like they really enjoyed being dressed-to-kill. Now, if they’d just talk to their men…

By Norma Morrow

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