Up and Coming Fashion Designer

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Up and Coming Fashion Designer

In our unending quest for great designers, we’re excited to introduce you to Ms. Joan Vaccianna of Vaccianna Design. We came across the lovely lady at Brooklyn’s Fashion Week(end) this past March and loved what we saw. Her designs are modern, and highly urban and Vaccianna doesn’t shy away from hard edges and obvious texture, pleating and ruching, but at the same time she incorporates a soft, feminine quality to her work through fabrics, color and drape, inoculating us with a mixture between Pat Benatar and a Jade Jagger.

The Vaccianna collection debuted in 2007 and although it’s barely a year old, the line has received prolific and well-deserved press.

Using a vocabulary of “sophisticated funk, and romantic rock and roll,” to describe her collection, Vaccianna is deliberate line. While her look may be very of the moment, she also isn’t afraid to utilized classic elements in her design. As a small signifier of the innate care and high standards she employs in the design and fabrication of each of her pieces, Vaccianna has her developed her signature: gold buttons, put in place to reminder her of, “the value of the talent put into each piece designed.”

Moving on, let’s peek at the collection. A favorite is a jumper that has a built in v shaped waist, with deep exterior pockets sewn in which add to the models shape and give curve and dimension. The sides hare cut out to show a bit of skin and along the back bocie there are two signature gold buttons. Unconventional and striking without being tacky or confrontational. We love it.

A melange of the fresh looks of spring and the staid texturing and volumous fabrics of fall and winter is perfected in Vaccianna’s near (but not quite) bubble dress in pale lemon yellow. The high waist and full skirt never actually bubbles under; volume a texture is created using subtle strips of cut fabric that build upon one another and add shape and movement—perfectly flirtatious without being obvious. Vaccianna also does a killer skinny jean with—get this—front pleats that actually work and don’t make us feel like a kangaroo. Yay! How fun and avant guard will those be to wear about town?

And on the sheer side, there’s a eye-lit front button fitted and quite sheer blouse with bell sleeves that pairs with a tight and structured short in pale pink and a tiny little vest of the same pale pink and gray print: It’s so girly, so spring and all with out being saccharin sweet. We’re totally smitten.

What’s not to love? And, the gold buttons remind us- the Vaccianna line is high end quality design and similarly, the wearer is a crafted, unique individual. 

But, more important, would Gilbert know how I can squeeze into my size four jeans?