Animal-Print Leggings: WTF?

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Animal-Print Leggings: WTF?

The first time I saw this trend, I was navigating my way through a crowd of tourists on Broadway. Naturally, I thought the offender had a role in Cats and hadn’t felt like changing after the show. Then, much to my dismay, I started seeing animal-print leggings everywhere—at the grocery store, out shopping, even at brunch! It was soon clear that they were being produced (and sold) en masse, under the guise of acceptable daily attire.

Now, I admit to participating in the never-ending legging craze that’s almost kicked designer denim to the curb. (In fact, I’m wearing a pair of black ones from American Apparel as I type.) However, unless it’s Halloween, I can’t fathom walking around like I’m ready to audition for The Lion King at any given moment. While I’m all about the circle of life, that just ain’t my style.

Perhaps the most perplexing part about this fashion crisis is that animal print can be fabulous … when it’s done right. Remember the Sex and the City episode when Samantha couldn’t unzip her (adorable) giraffe-print dress by herself and the sex god Smith Jerrod came to her rescue? Hot! Animal-print shoes can do wonders for a little black dress or simple jeans and a white tee. There are tons of great ways to channel your inner tigress, but leopard leggings, really? WTF?

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