Argyle Files

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Argyle Files

Argyle may remind you of an old-school golfer or your grandpa, but it’s actually a great way to update your style for the fall. The pattern is made up of diamonds in a diagonal checkerboard arrangement and looks great in both neutrals and bold colors. The key to a modern look with argyle is to make sure you don’t wear pieces that are too loose. Give it a go; your grandparents will be so thrilled they can finally appreciate your taste in fashion!

The Studious Student by *Heather Thomas

If there’s one argyle piece you should own this season, it’s the sweater vest. Neutral tones will ensure versatility.

In the Ayer by channyd4478

Throw some pattern into your basic t-shirt and jeans combination. Opt for bright colored argyle scarf to perfect this look.

Untitled by Dilek10

Give your argyle some character. Sequins and metallic shine will always set you apart from the crowd when you hit the town!

Sudden Sleep by Ragdolly (is busy with school)

Attention dolls! Argyle socks aren’t just for men. Accessorize your skirts and dresses with argyle knee highs and tights for that Gossip Girl appeal.

A smile a day keeps the grumpies away 😀 by Simsima

A fitted argyle sweater dress makes for a great daytime casual look. For colder days, layer with jeans or knee boots.