Attention All Hot Mamas

by admin

Attention All Hot Mamas

Attention all hot mamas!

You know who you are … The ladies in the sweat pants or even the jeans and super cute T-shirts. You have cut your hair so that you can look chic, but miss your long locks that you didn’t have time for anymore. You have minimized your skin and hair care routines so that you don’t take away from your toddler, or rather, your toddler doesn’t wreck the entire house while you take a mere fifteen minutes to get ready for your day. The ladies who only get a shower before one in the afternoon if they manage to get up before their kids—and some times even their husbands—who are gracious and wonderful enough to work so hard so we can be with our children all day.

Is any of this speaking to you, madam? Lord knows it does to me! It probably actually took me the first twenty-two years of my life to realize that being cute was fun. It was fun to go shopping, it was fun to dress up and turn heads, it was FUN to be out there! Having grown up a tom boy and the only girl that the boys would let play in the pick-up games on the local  basketball court, I never thought about anything “fashion” until I went to college and eventually moved to the South. I love my Yankee roots, but Southerners view women a bit differently. Contrary to what some believe, Southern women are incredibly strong, determined, and intelligent much like their Northern sisters. However, they always manage to do all that they do with beauty and flair. The power looks of the North East never took a foot hold here, and given what I’ve learned about Southern culture, I do not think they ever will. 

So, back to the issue at hand: how do we let that inner diva and glamazon out while keeping your kiddos happy? I have no idea! But, with a party opportunity for me to come out of my mommy shell looming on the horizon, I am bound and determined to glam it up! I have a hair appointment set, I have painted my nails, and I think I might even go shopping for a new outfit—I at least need some new sexy shoes! The goal is to help my hubby remember the chic chick he married, and help myself to remember that there is more to me than mom. Please, do not misunderstand! I love my family and children more than anything, but somewhere along the way in mommy culture “Doing something for ME” became a bad phrase. I am bound and determined to prove that us mommies can have it all! We can have our beautiful children and families and we can have our beautiful selves!

Who’s with me?

Stay tuned for updates …