Be Nice to Celebrities

by admin

Be Nice to Celebrities

So, I was flipping thru channels on my TV yesterday, just killing time and having zilch to watch. When I got to the Entertainment channel, I stopped for the briefest of moments to see what show was on. Now I can readily admit I’m one of those ladies that gets sucked into the fashion shows. If they’re critiquing what Hollywood actresses are wearing on the red carpet, I’ll watch.

The segment that was displaying was too much, even for me. It is a show that would display photos of actresses in the street without makeup, and then criticize them for how atrocious they looked, pronouncing that certain stars should never be seen without makeup on. So as I sat and studied this for approximately five minutes, I presumed How cruel! it appears so arbitrary to me that folks will sit around and pick apart how terrible some one looks when they’re taking a day off from being glamorous.

As much as we adore making fun of it, looking close to hone essentially takes a large amount of work. I do not blame an actress for not wanting to wear makeup while it’s her day off. I definitely wouldn’t judge her for going out and shopping with a Plain Jane face and some comfortable jeans. How tough are we being to the men and women that we set up on pedestals?

It is like we give somebody respect and honor for being a celeb, but as fast as we see them in a typical state, we straight away begin throwing stones at them. if my faceless self were to make a trip down to Kohl’s in sweats with my hair in a ponytail, and no makeup, nobody would think carefully about it. The double standards that reign in our country appear to (always) be lacking commonsense. (I put ‘always’ in quotation marks since this looks to be less-than-common sense.) I myself think it’s so refreshing to see a beautiful, glamorous vampire celebrity become a bit more solid.

It helps me to see that they actually are a genuine person. They really do look like the remainder of us average joes in the street until the pro hair and makeup artists grab a hold of them for a film set or for an evening out at the Oscars. That suggests that I don’t have to beat myself up for not looking impressive each minute of the day.

It also gives me hope. If I do wish to look wonderful, then all I must do is put up a lot of money to hire pros who can spruce me up until I am radiating beauty myself. (naturally, I will never spend that sort of money on something that would only last one evening, but you get what I am pronouncing.) So to all of you celebs out there, please continue to enjoy your days off in the grace of no makeup or binding party garments. I salute you for it!