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I was once under the spell of how others taught about me. Once my past friends scorned me because I am a plus size woman. Guys used to turn me down especially when they saw me in person; I actually had to lie about my looks if I had to meet a guy in person, either when the day came for us to meet each other I will make up an excuse just not to meet. One of my past boyfriends dumped me because of my size.

One day while shopping for some clothes, a guy walked up to me and told me that he was truly impressed about how I looked my clothes, so simple and sweet. First I was flattered but then I realized that I am truly blessed and that I shouldn’t allow criticism from others to change the way I view myself. I started loving myself for who I am and not what others think about me. I want to let all the full-figured women out there to know that we are beautiful no matter what others say or think about us, so please do enjoy life and be happy just be yourself and again I stress on loving yourself. I am happily in love with my fiancé, and he is so proud of me for being the woman that I am, so soulful, sweet, kind, embracing, compassionate, loving, etc.

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