Beauty by Numbers

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Beauty by Numbers

Researchers come up with a mathematical ratio for beauty, how do you measure up?

Researchers, who probably get paid a lot to figure these things out, have used a variety of experiments to determine what goes into a beautiful face. Using Photoshop, they kept eyes, mouth, nose, contour, and hair features the same, but changed the vertical and horizontal distances between them and then asked subject to judge which pictures were more attractive. Vertically, the ideal distance between the eyes and mouth as compared to total face length, measured from the hairline to the chin is 36. Horizontally, having the distance of the eyes is 46 percent of the total face width was found to be the magic number. Fortunately, the 36/46 ratios are those of an average face. And even if your numbers aren’t perfect, having the right haircut can alter your ratio to fit. Don’t have the right ratio? No worries, neither does Angelina Jolie.

Confess … are you looking for your tape measure right now?

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