The Beauty of Steampunk Fashion

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The Beauty of Steampunk Fashion

H. G. Wells would be proud—steampunk fashion has emerged from relative obscurity.

Steampunk is a loose term used to describe an extraordinary fashion trend. By remixing styles from the Victorian era, classic Goth, gypsy, and industrial fetish, steampunk fashion creates a unique and beautifully disturbing look.

Below are a sampling of dresses and accessories found around the web. Enjoy and please post comments with links to other interesting steampunk fashions.

Dress by Enigma Fashions (EnigmaFashions.com)
Model/Photo: Donna Ricci (DonnaRicci.com)
Available at:
Clockwork Couture (ClockworkCouture.com)
Enigma Fashions (EnigmaFashions.com)

Various Steampunk Outfits (from Abney Park via Livejournal)

Various Outfits (from Gypsy Moon)


Bloomers (from Vecona, Germany)

Dresses and Accessories (from Louise Black Designs)

Steampunk Dress by Donna Ricci (Clockwork Couture)

Jaina Solo in Costume (Tempered-Steel)

Victorian Outfit (from Velvet Mechanism)

Victorian Hat (from Porkshanks via Livejournal)