Beauty Without Brains

by Madellaine Santiago

Beauty Without Brains

I’m a past fanatic and contestant of beauty pageants myself, so I know a thing or two. The right walk, right poses, right angles. But I think everyone will agree with me that beauty pageants aren’t all about beauty.


“What will you do with beauty if the brain is empty?”


Apparently, most (not all) beauty queen winners today, even those small scale pageants for different provinces, like here in Bulacan—how come the winners appear to have beauty, body, but no brains at all?


I’m sorry if I’m sounding rude. I’m just stating these from my observations.


I was browsing my Friendster account and happened to come upon an account of a girl who is a titlist now. I browsed her photos since they’re public. I noticed her captions and always saw beauty typed as “beuty.” I thought it was just a typographical error, but no, I’ve seen it once, twice, thrice, and so on.


Another titlist I know didn’t plainly deserve to win whatever title she had. I know someone who is pretty, tall, and appealing. But when my friends and I watched her during a contest in our college, I was very disappointed with her answer. I was even more disappointed when she won! Heavens! How did that happen? Some girl’s answer was better than hers and still she managed to win?!


Maybe the judges in these contests aren’t really fit to be judges. Again, sorry for sounding rude. I’ve had an experience in which my co-contestant won miss sportswear because she came out in a two-piece and the sarong, or call it what you may, but it fell to the floor and hell broke loose! She won because of the two-piece swimsuit. Period.


Now why am I criticizing girls who join and win in pageants? It’s just that, I’ve been there. Even though others may think it is a pathetic waste of time and money, to some girls out there, it’s our chance to prove something to ourselves. It’s some way of expressing that we are oozing with femininity. But please, why is it becoming a regular thing that titlist have no wits? Can’t even talk in English correctly, can’t even walk right, pose right, and act right? Why?


So sometimes, instead of feeling good or ripe with envy after watching these pageants, I just find myself laughing because I know who deserved their titles and who didn’t.


There goes the wicked witch in me.