Bikini Bodies Don’t Come in a Bottle: Reducing Cellulite with Exercise

by admin

Ah, the joys of womanhood. 80 to 90 percent of post-pubescent women have cellulite. If you don’t have it yet (you lucky gal), chances are it will find its way to your thighs, tummy, or posterior eventually. So, what’s a girl to do during bikini season? First of all, throw out those expensive creams; reducing the appearance of cellulite is about healthy eating and targeted exercise. 

Howdini Guru Chris Freytag, fitness expert from Prevention Magazine, shows us how to tone up those legs and tone down the cellulite. Follow along as she demonstrates a number of low resistance, core strengthening, and bun burning exercises to help cut out the cottage cheese curves.

How to reduce cellulite with exercise

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