Bling Your Ring: Easy Ways to Accessorize Your Cell Phone

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Bling Your Ring: Easy Ways to Accessorize Your Cell Phone

Trendsetting teenagers clad in the latest Tokyo fashion gather daily on the streets of Harajuku with their glittery over-accessorized cell phones in hand. In Tokyo the more adorable accessories you have dangling from your phone the hipper you seem to be. In Japan cute is not a novelty or a fad, it is a lifestyle. The Japanese are obsessed with everything “kawai” or cute in English, from Hello Kitty to fluffy cell phone accessories. The Kawai trend is characterized by frilly dresses, an overabundance of pink, and outfits that look curiously childlike. Cell phone bling like swarovski crystal gemstone-encrusted phones and dangly accessories made of feathers, cartoon characters, cutesy stuffed animals and flowers, are just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s not just for girls. Women and most men have relished in the cell phone accessory trend. Women often have upwards of ten or more ornaments dangling from their cell phones.

As Americans, we are somewhat unaccustomed to the idea of cell phone bling. Unless you are Paris Hilton, most people do not own swarovski crystal gemstone-encrusted cell phones. Yet there are many places in the United States that sell adorable Japanese novelty items at cheap prices. A great way to personalize your cell phone is by adding some cheap stick on crystals in already made designs. Add a heart, write your name, or choose from dozens of designs at Newyorkcellphone.com. Or make like Paris Hilton and go to Myblingring.com to purchase your very own bling kit made from genuine swarovski crystal. Swarovski bling kits are bit on the pricey side at $125 a pop, but cheaper non-swarovski versions are available for much more reasonable prices at about $10 to $30.

For those more interested in dangly accessories other than the crystal variety, there are myriad Web sites online to tantalize your phone fashion taste buds. Strapya.com is a haven for Japanese cell phone accessories. From girly feather cell phone straps with pearls, black skull-shaped straps, to gothic Hello Kitty straps. You’ll find the variety of a dozen stores in Tokyo on one Web site. Most straps are at reasonable prices at about $5 to $10. You can also purchase an assortment of undeniably adorable cell phone pouches made in different styles and fabrics. Or try Cellphoneaccents.com to find a selection of cell phone charms, straps, cases, crystals, and faceplates.

Some people may think of cell phone accessories as overly cutesy and unnecessary. Rightfully so, but I like to think of it as style for your cell phone.