Booty Shorts with Tights: WTF?

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Booty Shorts with Tights: WTF?

Exchanging my sundresses and sandals for puffy coats and boots is never easy. However, the fact that summer ends is a reality I’m willing to accept. Sadly, not everyone has the ability to let it go. The result? Nonsensical fashion decisions like wearing shorts with tights. 

Shorts alone are already one of the hardest pieces of clothing to wear. They’re often too short, too tight, or too prone to riding up. Thus, when paired with tights to achieve an “I wish it were eighty degrees instead of thirty” look, their imperfections are only amplified. 

Another sad, sad truth about this fashion trend is that some women believe this is an acceptable alternative to pants. Wearing tights does not negate that fact that your butt is barely covered. Your derriere is still the main attraction; it’s just slightly muted by your poor choice to reach for nylons. You don’t look modest, you look confused—as if you woke up with amnesia and couldn’t remember the season, so you decided to dress for two. 

You have plenty of options when it comes to wearing tights—under a dress, with a miniskirt, paired with a tunic—so don’t be greedy. When it comes to wearing booty shorts with tights, I have to stop, scratch my head, and say, “WTF?”    

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