Boy Meets Girl

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Boy Meets Girl

“Annie Hall”-esque frocks with a touch of old school Hollywood glamour.

“For our spring collection we were thinking of a modern Marlene Dietrich,” emerging designer Sonia Yoon, one-half of the dream team behind our Fresh Faces in Fashion alumni, Bensoni, has said. “We did all these tuxedo jackets and vests. We’re into that boy-meets-girl look.”

The back story on this hot New York-based line? Yoon met her partner, Benjamin Channing Clyburn, when they were both studying at Parsons and collaborated on a collection for their senior thesis. While they worked well together and shared a similar aesthetic, the pair realized that they were skewing too old in their designs, and decided to make their clothing more of an extension of themselves. “We’re young, and we want our line to reflect that,” Yoon has explained. Time spent honing their skills at big names like Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani and the Gap also helped them find a distinct voice.

Among the crisp, tailored looks for spring, expect a lot of their signature black and white in the palette—with a dash of gold and seersucker thrown in to the mix just to keep things interesting. Don’t be surprised when classic pieces with a hint of quirk, like a trench coatdress and an oversized striped blazer, become instant wardrobe staples. You’ll look pretty and feminine, but never too dainty.

Can you say, “La-di-da, la-di-da, la la”?

By Caroline Stanley

Photo Courtesy of Gen Art Pulse