Buckle Up! DIY Embellished Overalls

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Buckle Up! DIY Embellished Overalls

An old trend becomes new again with a bit of crystal and glue. These DIY embellished overalls will be your go-to wardrobe item this summer.

DIY Embellished Overalls

Every time an old trend returns, it is fun to see the style reinvented. This season, overalls are back, along with many other unforgettable '90s fashions, including Birkenstocks and button-ups tied around the waist. To update a pair of plain overalls, simply add a bit of embellishment as seen on the MSGM embellished overalls worn by fashion blogger The Blonde Salad. And if you are afraid of the initial investment, you can pick up an affordable pair of overalls at a mass retailer like Wal-Mart or Target.

DIY Embellished Overalls Supplies


  • Overall shorts (mine are from American Eagle)
  • Jewels
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Nail polish

DIY Embellished Overalls Step 1

1. Select the size of jewels you want to place on your overalls. Create different patterns using different-size craft crystals. Play around with square shapes or circles. Once you have your design on one side of the bib, mirror the design on the opposite side. Snap a photo if necessary to help you re-create the design once you are ready to secure the jewels.

DIY Embellished Overalls Steps 2-3

2. Paint a few of the crystals with nail polish for effect. To hold them still while painting, you can use your fingers or tweezers, but I found that setting each crystal on a piece of double-sided tape resulted in a better look. Open the bottle of polish and brush off the excess before painting the entire crystal. Let dry. Repeat with as many jewels and nail polish colors as you wish. I used two different colors of polish in my design.

3. Plug in your hot-glue gun. Flip each jewel over, using tweezers or your fingers. Add a dab of hot glue to the back of each. Firmly press the jewel to the denim, glue side down. Continue until all are secured to the fabric. Make sure both the nail polish and glue are completely dry before you wear your embellished overalls!

Save this project for later with this Pin-able version of the steps:

DIY Embellished Overalls Step-by-Step Instructions

Check out a few of my favorite pairs of overalls waiting to be embellished.

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