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The Business of Fashion – Get a Stylist

In this day and age, a woman really can’t afford to go her whole life without getting a stylist.
I didn’t understand how important it was to do this, until I started working for a big end fashion label.
The fact of the matter, ladies, is we don’t know as much about what looks good on us as we think we do. We would never consider cutting our own hair, we don’t leap into financial matters without getting financial advice; we see nutritionists, doctors, and fitness trainers, yet so many of us think we know what our own style is and what looks best on us.
Remember, Angelina Jolie needs a stylist. Nicole Kidman does. Hilary Clinton does. No matter what sort of woman you are, you cannot assume you know how to put your own best foot forward clothes wise.
The next thing I hear everyone saying is, “I can’t afford a stylist.”
A good stylist will cost you about $500 or so. It is a very expensive purchase, that is true. But you only need to see them once a year, or even once every two years. You could get a voucher as a birthday gift, or $200 toward it or something like that. However, I suspect, if you counted up the foolish, impulse clothing purchases you make in a year, they would more than have paid for the stylist PLUS, they would not be in your cupboard right now, giving off their negative clothing energy.
What happens when I see a stylist?
The first thing that will happen is they will make an appointment to come and see you. You will have a little homework to do before then. You will have to troll the internet and magazines to find images of the “look” you most want. The way you see yourself, the way you wish you could be. The more detail you add here, the better. You will have to get a very clear picture of how you want to present yourself to the world. You’ll email this to the stylist.
Then you will have an appointment in your home. The stylist will go through every piece of clothing in your wardrobe and ask you to put it on. They will give you strong feedback about the suitability of the color, the style, everything you need to be told that you may not see for yourself. You will be left with a large pile that supports you and the way you want to look, and a large pile that is the opposite of the way you want to look. You can choose what you do with your discards, but the stylist will probably recommend a charity bin, so that you are never tempted to wear them again. (Note: I’ve been told peasant skirts are often in this pile.)
After that, the stylist will take a lot of pictures of you in the “keeper” pile. She will check out all your accessories, and take lots of photos of those. Sometimes you’ll be wearing things, sometimes you won’t. She’ll be there for quite a few hours, and she’ll leave with the photos and a promise from you that you will deal with that discard pile.
Then after a designated period of time, you will receive a large notebook with lots of photos of your clothes, and information about what to wear with what, and what will work and what will not. You wardrobe will be sectioned off into different outfits that you can wear as well as when and where to wear them.
If you have some additional money, you will finally go on a shopping trip with the stylist to get some basics that may be missing from your collection. Perhaps you should have a black pair of dress pants, or white capris, or well-fitting denim. You may be missing a simple white shirt, or the perfect go-with-everything pencil skirt. Whatever you are missing that is within your budget, can be purchased with the stylist, keeping an eye out for promoting and accentuating the look that you want to develop.
A good stylist will also leave you with a list of the current season’s styles that will suit you.
And there you have it. Do you feel that you can’t live without it now? I did when I first understood what a stylist does. They match the image you want with the purchases you will be making. It helps eliminate emotion shopping, as well as helps you take maximum advantage of sales. If the white capris you know you need are on special in a quality store, you can take advantage, rather than missing out on an essential basic, or buying the wrong thing at full price.
Have fun!

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