Bye Bye Brows

by admin

Bye Bye Brows

We bald beauties simply have no control over the loss of our precious hair follicles, especially the ones that are overtly noticeable, such as our eyebrows. It is something we have come to deal with and accept as an inevitable part of medical hair loss. We have creatively learned to apply makeup to give the illusion of eyebrows or actually have a tattoo to replace our brows.  

We strive to look as normal as possible— but then again—WHO decides what is normal and what is not in the fashion world? There is a “no eyebrow” trend that is gaining momentum in the world of fashion. It all began this summer when fashion models emerged on the runway, beginning with Balenciaga and Prada, with no eyebrows. They graced the runways with a blank, expressionless look resembling that of a mannequin. Initially, this look was quite a shock, but it’s beginning to appear on the sidewalks and is being called “elegant and fashionable.” Copying the models that grace our runways is a challenge, however this trend is quite simple and does not require a diet but simply a razor or waxing! Print ads showed eyebrow-less models (even the very famous Victoria Secret model, Adriana Lima showed off her big hazel eyes without any caterpillars hovering over them.) It seems as though more and more women are ridding themselves of their brows!

Nobody knows how long this trend will last, since there are negative opinions (as there are with most things), but for now all of us bald beauties should enjoy it to the fullest.  What’s next? Head shaving?