Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch (Chapter 1)

by admin

Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch (Chapter 1)

“Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch” is my series of short blogs about life in the fashion lane. It discusses problems and dilemmas associated with today’s trends, as well as advice on making the most out of your wardrobe. Intrigued? Read on, fashion-lovers!

What this statement means is simply what it says, although we are not talking about any other type of a clutch than a purse, so boys you can stop thinking you’re reading about cars, or something. The rule of clutches is this: you have to be careful when opening them while out at a bar or party. This is because clutches are usually very small and contents can fall out easily. Bars and parties are often busy and crowded. It is not unordinary that you are standing or sitting somewhere without a table, therefore you are holding your clutch in your hands, under your arm, or on your lap. When your phone rings and you reach into your clutch to answer it, you could very well drop your keys or lipstick, and then they are gone to the world. 

So ladies, please, use a clutch, but remember to be careful when doing so.