Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch (Chapter 3)

by admin

Careful, You’ve Got a Clutch (Chapter 3)

A Love-Hate Relationship with Heels

If you’re like me, you absolutely love high heels. You love what they do to an outfit and you love how they make you feel: stunning and stylish. However, only ten minutes in them can alter your feelings.

I personally love heels because they make me feel more confident when I go out. I’m very short and often overpowered by tall, blonde Amazons in bars and nightclubs. I don’t doubt my looks and I’m definitely a confident person, but for some reason, heels make me more confident. They have the power to give you the walk so you can talk the talk.

Like I mentioned earlier in this piece, often times heels are so painful it can make you not want to wear them. When I’m getting ready for a party, or getting ready to go out, I always consider heels to complement my outfit. However, I don’t want to compromise my comfort and therefore compromise the good time I could be having. High heels, although beautiful, often ruin my nights because they’re so painful. Either they’re scraping your heel, scrunching your toes, or like me, putting an insane amount of pressure on the balls of your feet. This obviously can ruin any night. So how do you decide if it’s worth it to wear heels when you go out? It’s tricky, which is why I’m writing this piece.

Since I don’t like to sugar coat things, especially when it comes to fashion, I’ll come right out and say it: you have to decide if it’s worth the pain. I’m not kidding. Will the heels make your outfit look so good you’ll get free drinks? Do you just love them because you got them on sale? Is it worth the pain? If it’s worth the pain, then take responsibility for it. If you decide to wear heels when you know they will hurt, own up to it. Be a woman. A man couldn’t handle heels. Does that make you feel better?

We get our faces waxed, have monthly cycles, squeeze into panty hose, give birth, and go through menopause. If we can do all that, what’s a little pain associated with a high heel?

That’s the only way I look at it. It’s just another part to go under the topic of “beauty is pain.” Surely no woman likes getting her eyebrows waxed. But she does it to look good and feel good.

My senior prom was ruined essentially because of my shoes. I chose six-inch heels to make me taller so my dress wouldn’t drag. I had black and blue marks—yes, actual battle wounds and bruises—on my feet for the following week.

Twice recently, due to newly purchased heels, I have walked barefoot in the streets because of the pain. I have walked barefoot in the streets—bearing glass and animal feces—while carrying my newly purchased heels. And for what? Was it because they were worth it? For me, yes. But when it comes to you, only you can decide.

Like any other pain associated with looking good, heels fall into the “if it’s worth it” category. If you decide it’s worth it, then deal with the pain. The pain of the high heel is not for everyone, and it surely isn’t easy to embrace.

So, if you opt for the painful heel, grit your teeth and bear it. And sip as many martinis as you possibly can, all while praying the alcohol will help conceal the pain your poor feet are enduring.