Catching Spring Fever

by admin

Catching Spring Fever

Volume, skinny, texture, sheer, brushstrokes, brights, ladylike, gladiator, tribal, safari—these are just ­some of the trend buzzwords screaming at me from the newsstands, jarring me from my winter style slumber. All the noisy trend-pushing could make me want to crawl back into my warm winter woolens, but it doesn’t—it makes me want to shop! Rather than wallpaper my whole spring wardrobe with tribal prints and skittles colors, I’m looking to shake up my favorite whites, tans, and blacks with interesting extras. Here are ten ways I’m planning to wake up my wardrobe and my style for spring:

1. Wide-Leg Pants
I’ve always been a fan of wide-leg pants regardless of whether they were on trend or not. This spring’s styles are tailored looking, with a dramatic voluminous leg. They’re not the best for bike riding, but they’re great for the office with a tucked sheer blouse, for the weekend with a fitted tee, and for anytime with chunky platform heels. I’ll wear this crisp white pair well into summer and fall.

 Photo courtesy of Shopbop.com

A Happy Day Bag
I’m disregarding the fact that every style bible for spring insists that I MUST own an oversize clutch for spring (or I’ll be outcast, or worse, out of style). I won’t buy one because I won’t use one. Sure this season’s variety are oversized to accommodate more than a stick of gum but they’re just not a practical shape—too awkward for the disco (yes I still “disco dance” and clutch bags inhibit me), and too elegant for my day-to-day needs.

And they’re just so “trendy.” This cross-body supple leather bag by Brooklyn bag designer, Hayden-Harnett, is trendy without being too trendy. I’ll want to wear the rustic modern shape long after the spring-trend egg timer has turned, and this shade of green will look happy and new against my prints and basic whites now, and then pop beautifully against all my tans, browns, and blacks in fall. Bonus: the cross-body design won’t hold me back as I spring for the dancefloor!

Photo courtesy of haydenharnett.com


I’m usually leaping like a spring lamb when Daylight Savings arrives with its extra hour of daylight, but this year, winter’s the visitor who came for the christening and stayed for the wedding. To stop dragging my feet I’m going to elevate them … with a pair of stylish platforms. This Max Studio pair will elevate my feet (and any outfit from blah to glam) without elevating my podiatric bills—thanks to the padded footbed and sturdy (but still so sexy) heel.

Photo courtesy of Maxstudio.com

Poppin’ Polish
I’ve been wearing Chanel’s navy Blue Satin polish for a few months now and it’s so good it’s shameful. Really, it’s shameful how often I want a fresh manicure so I can admire my elegantly edgy nails. It’s also shameful that I lied to Suzy at the nail salon on the corner when she (rightly) declared that spending $20 on nail polish is scandalous. I got mine as a gift I told her. I didn’t tell her the “from myself” bit. Anyway, it seems Blue Satin is still hot for spring, as are pale pinks and pastels, but I’m going from dark to dangerously flirty with this juicy raspberry shade from essie.

Photo courtesy of Essieshop.com

Color Cardi
It’s amazing what a shock of color can do for your mood and even more amazing what it can do for the rest of your wardrobe. I was feeling a little bored with my basics until I threw some bright cardigans and accessories at them. There are tons of bright patterned cardigans in the stores right now but I’m reaching for JCrew’s bright punchy solids to keep me warm while I give winter the cold shoulder. I can’t wait to wear the dark carrot orange with tribal prints and safari tans and olives, and the bright ocean blue will be rockin next to my graphic black-and-whites. Thinking to add skinny belts over these for the office.


Photo courtesy of Jcrew.com



Bold Dress
There are so many prints and patterns to choose from this spring and I’m having trouble reigning myself in. I love mixing patterns and textures so I know a fun print will be a very hardworking item in my wardrobe. I’m focusing my efforts by looking at color and cut. I’m leaning to yellows, reds, and oranges because they’ll work especially well with wood, gold, and other earthy accents I already own and always lean to. As for cut, I want a flattering fit— because like most hibernating animals I stored up a few extra pounds in my tail this winter! This kaleidoscopic print tie-front dress by Tracy Reese answers both requirements for me: the pattern is ballsy and bright and the tie-front and full skirt is effortlessly flattering. Love the modern racerback too.

Another fun and flattering option is to update your classic shift dress with a bold color like this pale gold cap-sleeve silk dress by Banana Republic. Great for work or play, the shape will never go out of style. As for the color—oh, it’ll lift my spirits like that first warm spring day.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Photo courtesy of Bananarepublic.com

Maxi Dress
I’m thrilled to have so many dress options for spring because I can’t for the life of me agree with my arse on a flattering pair of jeans. When it comes to laid-back style for spring, I’ll be wearing last year’s jersey dresses and this spring’s maxi dresses. A long casual dress is the epitome of laid-back elegance in my book. Every trend can be represented on this long canvas, from tie-die and ombre to graphic or floral. Luckily, it seems that every budget will be represented too, so I’ll be stocking up on solids, big allergy-inducing florals, and graphic prints like this beautiful geometric print dress at Body Central. Tip: look for less volume in the skirt and a neater fit if, like me, you’re only tall in four-inch heels.


Photo courtesy of Bodyc.com



Big Bangles
My arms will be buff for summer with all the bulky wood, horn, and enamel bangles I’ll be sporting for spring. Bangles and cuffs are an easy, fun, and cheap way to incorporate trends into spring outfits. I’m also looking to incorporate less-bulky handcrafted and organic looking cuff bracelets that will work by day or night and for many seasons and years to come—like this one by Hovey Lee Herrera.


Photo courtesy of Isharya.com

Photo courtesy of Tobi.com

Light Jacket
I need a practical and pulled-together light jacket to see me through spring’s showers. I’ve been tempted to buy a bright little bomber jacket to give my floaty florals and sheers a little edge, but I’m wondering if cropped trench by Michael Kors would make more sense with my wardrobe. It’s a classic style with a nod to the hot safari-trend, and the modern cropped length will work beautifully with anything in my wardrobe and my schedule for spring.



Photo courtesy of tulle4us.com

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom.com

Tank Tops
A tank top is a mainstay in my wardrobe year round and I’ll usually toss and restock my white-tank drawer every spring. This year, I want to stock up on tanks of every color and hue to easily slap my other bits and pieces up to date, so I’ll be hitting basics headquarters a.k.a American Apparel for tanks in reds, greens, blues, pinks, and maybe even whites. My wardrobe and wallet will tank me!

Photo courtesy of American apparel.net