Celeb Style: Selma Blair Hits The Drycleaners

by admin

Celeb Style: Selma Blair Hits The Drycleaners

Even the beautiful people need to go to Target on occasion—and pay the parking meters, just like the rest of us. We always enjoy this fresh proof of their humanity, even when they still manage shiny, swinging hair and a perfect complexion.

So if you want to look like the redeemed witch of Legally Blonde next time you’re picking up milk at Trader Joe's, we’ve got the outfit.

Start with a camel-hued Italian cashmere sweater from J Crew. Soft and luxurious, you'll wear this baby weekly—to the store, to the office, to the TV. The flattering V-neck is the perfect foil for a striped shirt.


And who doesn't want a candy-pink striped shirt? Communists and ornery elephants, that's who. Everyone else—including Selma Blair—wants to snap up a crisp office-like shirt to wear everywhere but a desk. Bonus: It goes perfectly under that cashmere sweater up there.


Slouchy, happy, comfy denin—because no one wants to feel like an over-stuffed sausage in the post office. Tomboy jeans are good for climbing in and out of your car and good for prancing down drugstore aisles. Not that you would ever prance. You stride. With vigor.


Top it all off with aviator sunglasses and a smile. There. You officially look better at the hardware store than some people do at their cousin's wedding. Selma would be so proud.