Cheap Is Expensive in the Long Run

by admin

Cheap Is Expensive in the Long Run

Cheap is expensive in the long run. Why buy twice when you can buy once? Commit to quality and it commits to you.Carrie & Danielle’s Manifesto of Style

You choose: three pairs of polyester pants that you buy on sale. You feel like “they’ll do.” One loses its hem, one pair pills, and you only wear the third pair when you’re behind on laundry because they’re actually not that comfortable. Total cost: about $200 bucks, which you may as well donate to the Salvation Army, because that’s where those pants are headed anyway.

Or: one pair of pants made of summer wool (linen, or organic denim, or brushed cotton—take your pick, that fit your bootie to perfection. It takes some time to find them (perfection usually takes time.) And they may need to be hemmed (because perfection is possible.) Cost: about $200 bucks. And every single time you wear them (which are many, because they will last for years) you feel great. You feel quality. You feel like you and it shows.

It’s better to have fewer quality things, than low-grade quantity. And yes, it is more stylish to wear the same pants a few days a week (and look great and feel great), than something new and cheap that compromises you.

This week: resist the temptation to fill empty spaces. Be especially mindful of bargain highs. Make a list of what quality feels like, sounds like, and looks like to you.

Hold out for the best and treat it well when you find it. (And need I say it? This lesson applies to more than just pants.)