Clothes Swapping – The Ultimate in Sustainable Style

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Clothes Swapping – The Ultimate in Sustainable Style

Clothes swapping is the latest craze. It all started with clothes swapping parties or swishing, which are an ideal way to have fun, meet with friends, and refresh your wardrobe. The term swishing was coined by Futerra Sustainability Communications, an agency promoting sustainability. Now, clothes swapping Web sites have also become very popular and give swappers more control over what they are swapping and what they will get in return. Web sites are also a quick and convenient way to swap and give a huge amount of swapping choice.

Clothes swapping is great for those on a budget as it does not usually cost very much if anything at all. Sometimes clothes swapping parties charge a small entrance fee, or if you swap using a Web site you will usually need to pay the postage charge, but overall the costs of swapping are very small considering what you are likely to gain.

Not only is clothes swapping a great alternative to shopping as it does not cost money, it also helps to minimize the impacts of clothing disposal and manufacture on the environment. The disposal of clothing and textiles is currently a huge problem. By recycling your clothes when you no longer want them, you can help to reduce the problem.

The manufacturing of new clothing also has a wide range in environmental impacts including pollution, use of pesticides, and carbon dioxide emissions. Buy swapping clothes instead of buying new, you can help to reduce all of these impacts.

One of the most important aspects of clothes swapping is that it is fun. There is no better way to try out a new look or style of clothing than by swapping. It gives you the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe when ever you like and you need never get bored of your existing clothes.