The Clothing Stores Where Consumers Splurge the Most

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The Clothing Stores Where Consumers Splurge the Most

You might not be able to imagine spending more than $3,000 in one shopping trip, but it turns out some stores can still expect that kind of profit from their average customer—even in this unstable economy.

Based on average receipt amounts from clothing stores across the United States, Bundle.com compiled a list of the twenty-five places where shoppers drop the biggest bucks per visit. Excluding department stores, wholesalers, and manufactures, the list predictably included high-end designer stores such as Oscar de la Renta’s Madison Avenue location in NYC, where the average shopper shells out $3,217 per visit. While the majority of us are scouring the sales racks at H&M, those not feeling the financial crunch are swiping their cards at these twenty-five locations. Take a look at the infographic (pictured to the left – click to enlarge) to see which clothing stores can still make shoppers splurge, even in this economy.

Source: Bundle.com