30 BFF Halloween Costumes That Will Win You All the Awards

by Alyssa Priebe & Jin Moon

30 BFF Halloween Costumes That Will Win You All the Awards

Duo halloween costumes are a lot of fun, and contrary to popular belief you don’t need a significant other to accomplish a killer paired costume. These 30 best friend Halloween costumes are sure to beat the cutesy couples and walk away with “Best Partner Costumes.” We’ve found the coolest best friend halloween costumes that are funny, scary, unique and even DIY!



1. Riverdale‘s Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge Costumes


Betty Veronica Riverdale Halloween costumes BFF


Whether they’re solving a mystery or sipping shakes at Pop’s, what better comic-inspired duo to dress up as than Betty and Veronica from Riverdale!


Why it wins: There are so many different ways you can dress as B and V. We personally love their Riverdale Vixens Cheerleader Costumes as a unique winning option!




2. Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen Costumes


Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf Serena Van der Woodsen Halloween costumes BFF


This idea is perfect for the preppy and punk rock best friend duos. There are countless ways to show Blair and Serena’s signature styles, but if you’re wanting something easy, go for their Constance uniform. Just be sure to wear a velvet headband for B and a loose skinny tie for S to top off your best friend Halloween costumes.


Why it wins: They are the ultimate best friends and always have each other’s back. Plus, people will totally appreciate the reference to one of their favorite books turned major TV drama.



3. Lizzo and Beyoncé Costumes


Lizzo Beyonce Halloween costumes BFF


Turn up your Lizzo juice and get a snatched bodysuit that shows a lot of skin and a giant wig of wavy hair or pull your hair up in a neat ponytail. Get a toy flute if you want to be extra. Run the world like Queen Bey in a full bodysuit with long, ombre tresses. But honestly, you can wear anything that is fitted and sexy to exude that Sasha Fierce flavor.


Why it wins: The internet went crazy when Beyoncé was spotted side stage jamming out to Lizzo’s set at Jay-Z’s music festival Made In America. It’s the ultimate womance!



4. The Golden Girls‘ Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia Costumes


The Golden Girls Rose Dorothy Sophia Rose Halloween costumes BFF


If you’re lucky enough to have a few besties, you may want to consider an old classic foursome: The Golden Girls. Dorothy is stubborn and gruff. Rose is a bit of an airhead. Blanche is always on the prowl. And Sophia is the sarcastic, older matriarch. Their fashion is all about older ’80s ladies, so get ready to rock some shoulder pads.


Why it wins: Their iconic motto and theme song is “Thank You For Being a Friend.” What says BFF more than that?



5. The Wizard of Oz‘s Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West Costumes


glinda the good witch wicked witch of the west wizard of oz halloween costumes bff


You may not be dancing down the yellow brick road, but this unlikely twosome is fun to play good witch versus bad witch on the year’s most sinister evening! Hopefully you don’t fight about who gets to be which.


Why it wins: You get to act like the ultimate frenemies all night. Get into the spirit and BYO broom and wand!



6. Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton Costumes


Elizabeth Warren Hillary Clinton


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the first two women to run for POTUS are Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton. All you need is matching short blonde wigs and a blue or black pants suit!


Why it wins: Raise your hands to women rising up and making history. Now practice your political hand wave, and get those votes!



7. The Handmaid’s Tale Costumes


Handmaid's Tale Halloween costumes BFF


You can have one or two or even 20 friends join in and dress as the iconic handmaids from the TV show, The Handmaid’s Tale. The show has lots of Emmy wins to prove their influence in pop culture.


Why it wins: It’s the most recognizable symbol of the women’s rights movement today. Go, ladies!



8. Broad City‘s Abbi and Ilana Costumes


Abbi Ilana Broad City Halloween costumes BFF


Abbi and Ilana from the Comedy Central show, Broad City, are the kind of best friends we all wish we had. Who doesn’t want a BFF who’s funny and willing to go the extra mile for you? You just need a slouchie beanie and an army green jacket to get that Abbi vibe. You can be a little more wacky with Ilana with a chic bralette, mesh crop top and a buckle bag.


Why it wins: The comedy duo literally re-defined how edgy female buddy comedies could be in the modern age.



9. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s Midge and Susie Costumes


Midge Susie Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Halloween costumes BFF


Go back in time for your BFF Halloween costume with Midge and Susie from the hit show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. For Midge, try a fun ascot scarf and elegant 50s-era style dress.  Get a dark newsboy cap and mismatched oversized blazer and slacks to capture that scruffy Susie presence.


Why it wins: We love how this unlikely pair have been able to look past their differences and still bond into a close friendship.



10. Disney Princess and Villain Costumes


disney princess villain Halloween costumes BFF


We love the idea of Ariel and Vanessa (aka Ursula), but you could also do Maleficent and Aurora, Snow White and the Evil Queen, or Alice and the Queen of Hearts—whatever suits you best.


Why it wins: Honestly, anyone can appreciate Disney halloween costumes, but it takes true best friends to pretend to be foes.



11. Flo and the Orbit Girl Costumes


Flo Progressive Orbit Girl Halloween costumes BFF


These two characters ruled TV, and you and your homegirl can rule the Halloween party. All you need are a couple white outfits to pull these duo DIY Halloween costumes off. Try a polo shirt and jeans for Flo and white button-down shirt and skirt for the Orbit Girl. Then print off Progressive’s logo and tape it for Flo, then grab an ascot and a pack of gum for the Orbit girl.


Why it wins: It’s fun and simple! Plus, if you practice saying, “Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit!” as well as “Flo from Progressive” in the characters’ voices it’s sure to be a hit.



12. Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe Costumes


Audrey Hepburn Marilyn Monroe Halloween costumes BFF


Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are the classic old movie star duo. They embody the ultimate mix of sexy and sophisticated. Audrey dons a black dress, pearls, gloves, cigarette holder, tiny crown and shades for her Holly Golightly character in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Marilyn slips into a plunging white cocktail dress, white heels and red lipstick for her famous look in the movie, The Seven Year Itch.


Why it wins: They are classic femme icons. And there’s no topping the classics when it comes to best friend Halloween costumes.



13. Game of Thrones Queens


Cersei Lannister Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones Halloween costumes BFF


Step up your Halloween game by paying tribute to one of the top television series. You can go as any combo (there are countless to choose from), but we really like this bestie duo take on Queen Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen (a.k.a. Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons).


Why it wins: When done right people will recognize the craftsmanship as well as the references.



14. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B Costumes


Cardi B Nicky Minaj Halloween costumes BFF


Both of these famous rappers have experienced some drama throughout the years, though now we know their rivalry was faked for the press. And the only thing more dramatic than their back and forth are their signature styles! Pay homage to both of these queens with your BFF on Halloween with sexy stage looks and don’t forget to wear some colorful wigs to top off your iconic rapper rivalry Halloween costumes.


Why it wins: Who doesn’t want to dress like these icons and have an excuse to wear a rainbow wig for the night.



15. MTV’s Daria and Jane Costumes


Daria Jane MTV Halloween costumes BFF


Epitomize teen angst with Daria and Jane from MTV’s animated show, Daria. Chances are you already have their ’90s style in your closet to create these DIY halloween costumes. Daria: orange tank, green jacket and black skirt. Jane: red blazer, black v-neck, gray shorts and black tights. Bonus points for carrying a slice of pizza everywhere you go!


Why it wins: Daria and Jane are hilariously witty and sarcastic, not to mention the best of friends so it just fits BFFs so perfectly.



16. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Costumes


Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Halloween costumes BFF


If you want to side with super villains, we recommend going as the crazy Harley Quinn and her sometimes partner, Poison Ivy. These costumes have tons of different versions from tutus to full body suits, so you guys get to decide just how much effort to put into it. The basic idea, though, is green attire and red hair for Ivy and a black and red motif for Quinn.


Why it wins: While everyone else is rocking baseball tees that say “Daddy’s lil’ Monster” on them, you pay tribute to the original drawing of this comic book duo, which makes you stand out.



17. GLOW  Wrestler Costumes


GLOW wrestlers Netflix Halloween costumes BFF


The 1980s are everywhere in fashion, so why not Halloween too? These costumes inspired by the Emmy-winning Netflix female wrestling comedy, GLOW, are super easy and fun. Just whip out some lycra, neon bodysuits and shimmery tights. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun with glittery makeup and a can of hairspray.


Why it wins: You can get super creative! There’s no right or wrong way to do these looks, just don’t break any furniture at the house party when drinks start flowing and you ladies want to show off your wrestling moves.



18. Black Panther‘s Nakia and Shuri Costumes


Naki Shuri Black Panther Halloween costumes BFF


Bring Wakanda to your Halloween party and dress up as the leading ladies from Black Panther! There are so many strong warrior women you can dress as from this movie, but we personally love Nakia and Shuri's iconic looks.


Why it wins: This was a huge breakthrough super hero film and these dynamic duo halloween costumes will definitely be recognized!



19. Mermaid and Fairy Costumes


mermaid fairy Halloween costumes BFF


The trick with rocking this magical duo of mermaid and fairy is in the intricacy. Spend a lot of time getting your makeup just right and don’t be afraid of glitter. Hint: Stick to a similar color palette to keep your best friend Halloween costumes consistent. Or do complete opposites like fire and water.


Why it wins: Mermaid costumes are super trendy right now, but you and your BFF take your Halloween costume a step further by dominating both land and sea. Well done.



20. Hocus Pocus  Witches Costumes


Hocus Pocus witches Halloween costumes BFF


Run a muck around town as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. These sinister best friend Halloween costumes work best if there are three of you. But if it’s just a party of two, going as Binx and Winifred is a great choice. After all, Halloween is the time for witches and cats, right?


Why it wins: Hocus Pocus is one of the best (and most popular) Halloween films. If done right, everyone will recognize who you are.



21. Westworld‘s Maeve and Dolores Costumes


Maeve Dolores Halloween costumes BFF


Take your BFF costume game out West with Westworld costumes of your favorite leading ladies, Maeve and Dolores. For Maeve dress in black pants, blazer and a corset for her season two look or opt to go back to season one and dress as a saloon girl. As for Dolores wear a light blue maxi dress and add a tan belt bag.


Why it wins: You’re not just some cowgirl costume. You’re Westworld, and everyone will know it.



22. Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift Costumes


Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Halloween costumes BFF


Here’s the deal, one of you goes as Taylor Swift in a crop top, platinum blonde wig and red lipstick while the other is Kim Kardashian in a body hugging dress, nude lips and long black wig parted down the middle. Then tape print-offs of their epic feuding posts to yourself. Pretty simple, right?


Why it wins: It is clever, original and hilarious.



23. Rum and Coke Costumes

Rum Coke Captain Morgan Halloween costumes BFF


If you and your bestie are in college, turn yourselves into your favorite mixed drinks for Halloween. Going as Captain Morgan and Coke is a fun and clever idea. However, other drink ideas to try: Tequila and Lime and Vodka Lemonade.


Why it wins: Many love their booze, so they’ll love the clever idea of bringing their favorite drinks to life.



24. Oh Deer and Holy Cow Costumes


oh deer holy cow Halloween costumes BFF


Oh Deer and Holy Cow are an adorable way you and your bestie can dress as animals but still stand out from the herd of fellow Halloween creatures. A brown dress, white letters, and twigs are all you need for the “Oh Deer” while a white t-shirt, black felt for spots, and a halo work for “Holy Cow.” You can even get creative in your makeup. If you like puns but want something different try one of these: Freudian slip, formal apology, don’t cry over spilled milk.


Why it wins: Everyone loves animals, puns, and some good DIY Halloween costumes. Simple as that.



25. Stranger Things‘ Barb and Eleven Costumes


Barb Eleven Stranger Things Halloween costumes BFF


Season five (!) can’t come soon enough for you and your bestie’s Stranger Things obsession, so pay homage to your favorite show to binge and dress up as Barb and Eleven. These costumes will give you a good base, just add a blonde wig and tube socks for Eleven and a red wig and 80s glasses for Barb, and you’re golden!


Why it wins: You will never have to worry about anyone “getting” your costumes in these outfit. Add in some Eggo Waffles to top off this BFF costume.



26. Friends  TV Show Halloween Costumes


Friends Rachel Monica Phoebe Halloween costumes BFF


We can’t talk about best friend Halloween costumes without mentioning Rachel and Monica from Friends. To keep the idea fresh, go as them from high school. Monicas wear a frumpy sweater and long skirt while Rachels slip into a bright blue shirt with black pants.


Why it wins: Friends ruled the 90s and the episode of Monica wearing a fat suit and Rachel before her nose job is iconic.



27. Bob’s Burgers‘ Louise and Tina Belcher Costumes


Louise Tina Belcher Bob's Burgers Halloween costumes BFF


A green t-shirt dress, pink bunny hat for Louise and a navy skirt and blue t-shirt for Tina are all you need to become this hilarious sibling duo for your funny best friend Halloween costumes. Bonus points for an “Erotic Friend Fiction” notebook.


Why it wins: Bob’s Burgers is one of the top shows on Hulu, so everyone will recognize who you are and love you for it.



28. Angel and Devil Costumes


angel devil Halloween costumes BFF


Maybe you’re a little on the sweet and innocent side and your friend is the sassy and daring type. If that sounds right, no Halloween costumes are more perfect for the two of you than these angel and devil outfits. Have even more fun with this theme by swapping roles for the night and dressing up as the opposite of your usual persona.


Why it wins: This iconic costume pairing never goes out of style!



29. Kim Possible and Shego Costumes


Kim Possible Shego Halloween costumes BFF


If one of you is super into Halloween while the other likes to keep it simple, then this is the pair for you. Kim's outfit is super easy with a black crop top and cargo pants, while Shego's takes a little more work to make the green and black body suit.


Why it wins: Kim Possible is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of our generation. Plus, she and Shego are two of the strongest female leads in cartoons and girly badasses always win.



30. The Breakfast Club‘s Princess and Basket Case Costumes


Ally Sheedy Molly Ringwald The Breakfast Club 80s Halloween costumes BFF


If you’re on a budget or pressed for time, there’s nothing easier than paying tribute to one of the best ’80s films, The Breakfast Club. Sure, it’d be great to do the whole gang, but if it’s just you two don’t be afraid to rock Claire and Allison as your best friend Halloween costumes. All you need for Claire: a red wig, pink t-shirt, brown skirt and brown belt. For Allison: a black sweater, black wig, and long dark skirt


Why it wins: You pay tribute to a different classic film (we can’t be the only ones tired of Grease). People will appreciate your creativity and originality with these two iconic John Hughes high school characters.