The Trendiest Coat Right Now Is From This Unexpected Place

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The Trendiest Coat Right Now Is From This Unexpected Place

Arielle Charnas of Something Navy can’t get enough of this winter coat, and you won’t believe where she got it from.

Every now and then, there comes a piece of clothing that everyone must snatch up all at once. It’s a chameleon piece that can relate to any woman’s wardrobe, and at the same time stands out in a crowd enough to have others asking, “Where did you get that?” The Orolay Coat from Amazon is precisely that piece.


New York Magazine first told the tale of the rise of this unlikely Upper East Side favorite with unknown origins, and now Arielle Charnas of Something Navy is cementing this coat as a must have of the season at just $140.

This blogger favorite and No. 1 Amazon bestseller has just more than 6,000 reviews, averaging five-stars, exclaiming the high quality, toasty warmth, overall aesthetic of this must-have coat.

“I first saw this jacket on a fellow dog person, while walking our dogs. She is a designer so I assumed this was some expensive designer jacket, cause it looks it! I just got mine today and I must say that it's perfect in every way!” says one review.

“Owned for a month and I LOVE it. Coldest day of the winter season today, and I couldn't feel a thing,” claims another.

The coat comes in black, green, navy, beige, and grey to help you get some individuality among the throngs scraping to get their hands on one. With detailed toggles, sharp quilted lines and zipper details for storage, this dense and warm coat will keep you heated despite the chill. Some sizes even come with fast and free Amazon Prime delivery, so you can wear this rising style, like Arielle Charnas, instantly.

Woman wearing an olive Orolay down winter coat from Amazon

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