College Capsule Collection 101: How To Minimize Your Closet For Maximum Style

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College Capsule Collection 101: How To Minimize Your Closet For Maximum Style

It's hard to keep up with every fashion trend, and your closet is suffering from it. College is the perfect time to try to minimize your closet's offerings to make sure you're only investing in pieces you'll actually wear while living within your means.

It's hard being a fashionista in today's world of blink-and-you'll-miss-them trends amidst the rise of fast fashion. After all, we live in a society of instant gratification, but it's especially hard to stay on trend in college when you're short on both money and space. So what's a fashion-forward girl to do? Build a capsule wardrobe collection, of course!

Wait, what's a capsule collection, you ask? The purpose of a capsule collection is to limit unnecessary spending on cheaply made or uber trendy clothing items you may only wear a few times while the buzzy pieces are still in style. You obviously can't cram every piece of clothing you own into your dorm or apartment (and you don't want to, trust us), so you should only bring your most wearable, durable staple pieces to college following the principles of a core capsule collection.

Popularized by boutique owner Susie Faux, a true capsule collection is categorized by investing in core pieces such as jeans, coats, skirts, dress and accessories that never truly go out of style (think stripes, black, neutrals, leather and well-made, structured garments). Once you've built this core collection, you can purchase seasonal additions to your wardrobe as you see fit, such as swimsuits, shorts and handbags. This way you'll have an arsenal of superior outfit options for every occasion without feeling overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) every time you peek in your closet.

So how does one pursue the ultimate personal capsule collection? You can start your very own today, no matter how many "nice" things you own. What do you actually wear on a daily basis? You're likely reaching for the same dresses, tops, shoes and accessories ritually without even realizing it. Is there a certain pair of jeans you wear multiple times a week, or a button down shirt you never want to take off? Start thinking about the pieces you wear again and again, season after season.

YouTuber Anna of The Anna Edit created a super lovely tutorial on how she went about creating her minimalist capsule wardrobe. Keep in mind that everyone's journey to a completely personalized and functional capsule collection may take longer than just a few days

Anna recommends sticking with your new core wardrobe for about three months before you add more seasonal or special pieces to your collection. While there is no set number for how many pieces should be in an ideal capsule collection, you should challenge yourself to be harsh in your selection of core pieces. Anna separated her original closet's contents into three piles: one for non-negotiable, will-wear-again pieces, one for seasonal, must-keep clothes, and another for donations, giveaways and gifts for friends and family.

As you begin to sort out your selections, keep in mind your personal style and preferences. Do you resonate with more boho styles than grungy, distressed looks, or are you a classic prepster through and through? We scoured YouTube for more concrete examples of capsule collections to fit every style under the sun.

For The Preppy Princess: Check out Brooke Micchio's capsule collection staples!

For The Boho Babe: Christine Kobzeff's enchanting take on a modern, minimalist boho wardrobe will make you want to clear out your closet ASAP.

For The Grunge Guru: Rhian HY knows what every alt-rock chick needs in her core collection without accruing too much clutter.

No matter what you wear on the daily, everyone can give building a capsule collection a try, especially if a small college pad is calling your name. Who knows, you might end up saving more space and cash than you think, and your style will be on point for years and years to come.