Cream of the Crop: How to Pair Cropped Pants & Heels

by admin

Cream of the Crop: How to Pair Cropped Pants & Heels

Take full advantage of the cropped pants trend and pair yours with some killer heels. This chic pairing will work whether you’re looking for an outfit for your 9 to 5, a stylish but casual weekend look, or a formal alternative to your LBD!

There's a fine line between wearing pants that are floods and wearing cropped pants. For one, cropped pants are purposefully and stylishly a bit shorter while the former is not. And we love the stylish cropped pants designs you can find on the racks these days. Now, it may just be a coincidence, but when inseams began to shrink and pant hems rose, it seems that heels got a little more decorative, too. Not only do us girls on the taller side not having to worry as much about finding longer lengths, but it gives us the perfect opportunity to really showcase our most kick-ass heels. Take advantage of the situation and pair statement heels with chic, cropped pants for a look that will stop them in their tracks.

Tropical Flower Trousers & Yellow Spiked Pumps
Pairing cropped pants with heels can work for almost any occasion if you find the right pieces. In general, I like to pick one relatively plain piece and pair it with one piece that’s more detailed. Sure, these pumps have spikes all over them, but they are a solid yellow—there’s your plain. Cropped pants with a tropical floral print bring detail into the look and the pumps pull out the yellow from this pattern. Wear this pair to work with a navy blazer and change into a silk tank for drinks afterwards! 

Color-Block Pants & Perforated Peep-Toe Pumps
Black-and-white printed clothing is one of the biggest fashion trends for summer—and one of the easiest to pull off. Black-and-white alone is minimalistic-chic, but it can also be combined with tons of other colors. A little pop of red on these pumps make a big impact on the outfit. Carry it through your look by carrying a red tote or wearing a red statement necklace.

Slim Cropped Pants & Hologram Sandals
Cropped black pants are a basic wardrobe staple and about as safe as you can get. They're the perfect thing to pair with more of a statement shoe, if you ask me. This pair may look like your average pair of gold cap-toe pumps from the front, but that sculpted metallic heel will not go unnoticed. Heels with ankle straps look especially great with cropped styles!

Metallic Pants & Strappy Cobalt Sandals
I often find that when I need to dress up the easiest thing to do is throw on a dress. There are other times, though, when I prefer the complexity and detail of separates. A decadent pair of metallic pants with a subtle pattern is formal enough for a party or evening event. Keep it dressy but summery with bright, strappy sandals. The yellow-gold and cobalt colors look so luxe together!

Dark Lace Trousers & Leopard-Print Pumps
I've said it before and I'll say it again—leopard print is the absolute perfect print to mix with. It works with stripes, with florals, with geometrics, and more. These leopard-print pumps paired with this pair of navy and green lace trousers look especially sophisticated. Because of the darker tones of the pants, you can practically wear this pair year-round with just a quick switch of tops!

Chino Cropped Trousers & Floral-Appliquéd Pumps
Pairing cropped trousers with heels is all about balance. Offset a more casual pair of army green cropped trousers with airy, ivory appliquéd pumps. Cuff the pants a little higher if you need to in order to see the ankle strap. I can just picture Carrie Bradshaw in something like this on a Tuesday morning, just because. 

Cropped Jeans & Studded Pumps
Similar to how we approached the cropped black pants—plain pants means statement shoes—all bets were off when it came to a pair of cropped jeans. These chunky, ballet-pink peep-toe pumps with gold studs are to die for. They’re not too crazy (no appliqués, no appendages…) which means this casual pair can go anywhere from a brunch date to vacation to casual Friday.