Cupid, Make Love Not War!

by admin

Cupid, Make Love Not War!

I want Cupid to throw down his bow and pointy arrows and pick up a heart-shaped massage bar. Instead of working out his aggressions at the target range, Cupid can work out the kinks in my neck and back … and work a few kinks into my love life! Instead of fatally injuring my man to the point where he can no longer resist my wiles, I want Cupid to resort to kinder, gentler, sudsier, and even soy-based ways.

LUSH Massage à Trois Heart-Shaped Massage Bars

Made with honey cocoa and a melting center of Mange Too Lickable honey, Cupid will quickly see that he should have been pelting jars of honey at resistant lovers all these years.

Kneipp Juniper Herbal Bath

An ex and I loved to drop Kneipp’s Juniper into a warm bath and then whisper about what we’d do to each other as our temperatures rose.

Jimmy Belasco Sexe Soy Candle

With the sexy scent of amber, plumeria, cocoa, and limon burning in the background, Cupid should coach, not shoot, my lover, because rumor has it that soy candles burn all night long.

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit

Seems that Cupid could do with this weekender kit himself to be reminded that if we must be violent, why not use our teeth instead of arrows? Coupled with some erotica, this kit of travel bite-sized items is perfect inspiration for a creative weekend away. Cupid might want to hang around though to help out me unhook my hip from my man’s shoulder at the end of the weekend …

Bliss Spa Getaway

Cupid has no excuse now that Bliss is spilling love around every city corner. If he bought every woman the Super Blissage, I’m not sure Cupid would ever need to be on call, except of course as a nurse’s aide on the Kama Sutra weekend.

In embracing these kinder, gentler ways of wooing, Cupid might also consider spending less time sharpening his instruments of love, and more time in the kitchen whipping up some Homemade Spa Essentials and courting lovers with Wine and Chocolate.