Different Ways to Wear a Scarf

by admin

Different Ways to Wear a Scarf

Did you get a colorful, exotic scarf as a holiday present? Or as a recent birthday gift? Would you love to show off your new acquisition, but don’t quite know what or how to wear it? Here are a few ideas: 

Drape it over your shoulder. Use a large, square scarf to accent a simple black dress by draping it asymmetrically over one shoulder and fastening it with a broach or with a broad, fisherman-style knot. 

Tie it around your waist. Show off a tiny waist by using a scarf as a belt, either threading it through belt loops or tying it over a straight-lined tunic or dress.

Use it as a headband. Roll up a medium-sized scarf and tie it behind your head for a colorful headband, allowing the ends to drape casually down the nape of your neck.

Make a choker. Fold a smallish, square scarf in half diagonally and then fold it in one-inch lengths to circle your neck. Tie with a square knot, tucking the ends against your neck.

Create a shawl. Wear a large, square scarf as a shawl by folding it in half diagonally and draping it over your shoulders.

Scarves are some of the most versatile fashion accessories. Add a few to your business or travel wardrobe and they’ll turn a monochromatic ensemble into a dozen or more diverse looks. Plus, scarves come in all price ranges. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a great look.

By Sandy Mitchell