This DIY Crystal & Lace Choker Feeds Our ’90s Soul

by More.com Editors

This DIY Crystal & Lace Choker Feeds Our ’90s Soul

Thanks to the wonderful world of DIY, you can take the choker trend and make it your own. This tutorial will show you how to make a one-of-a-kind necklace with crystal charms and lace.


Chokers are having a serious moment right now—just take a stroll through any clothing or department store. Many brands, from high-end designers to fast fashion retailers, have jumped on this ’90s-inspired trend. These necklaces are edgy, simple, and fun to wear.


Luckily, making this popular accessory may be easier than you think. You can even make one without fancy materials or special skills. To top it off, you’ll have a completely unique piece that no one else has. To get you started, check out this DIY drop crystal lace choker. It offers just enough sparkle to spruce up a plain white t-shirt. At the same time, it can also top off a fab cocktail party dress. No one will believe that you made it yourself.


DIY Lace Choker Materials



  • Lace trim
  • Small crystal charms (6-9)
  • 10mm jump rings (2)
  • 4mm jump rings (6-9)
  • Jewelry clasp
  • Ribbon clamp ends (2)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors


Use ribbon clamp ends that are about the same width as your lace trim. However, it’s okay if they don’t match up perfectly. The main purpose of these clamp ends is to give other metal findings something to latch on to. For this project, the lace trim and clamp ends were 16mm wide


Cutting Lace


1. Cut a strand of lace trim measured to fit snugly around your neck.


Ribbon Clamp


2. Place one end of the lace trim in between a ribbon clamp end.


Ribbon Clamp End


3. Using the flat portion of the pliers, tightly clamp the ribbon end. This will instantly secure the lace trim.


Making Lace Choker


4. Add the second ribbon clamp to the other end of the lace trim.


Attaching Clasps


5. Connect a jump ring to one end with a 10mm jump ring. Add the second jump ring to the other side.

This step completes a basic lace trim choker. How easy was that?


Adding Crystals to Lace Choker


6. Now that the choker is complete, it’s time to bring in a little glitz and glamour. Determine the position of each crystal charm. They should be placed at equal intervals along the lace trim. The closer the charms are, the more you’ll need.


Lace Choker


7. Once you’re happy with the way it looks, attach each charm to the lace with a 4mm jump ring.


Your new necklace is ready to rock n’ roll! This inexpensive project can be personalized as much as you’d like. Try adding extra charms or no charms at all. You can even stack several chokers on top of each other for totally distinctive look. Your jewelry, your rules.