DIY Earrings: Make Your Own Magnesite Spike Hoops

by admin

DIY Earrings: Make Your Own Magnesite Spike Hoops

When the summer heat is getting to you and the thought of layering on jewelry is too much to bear, simply put on these bold spiky earrings. They're enough accessory for any outfit.

Magnesite Spike Earrings

These premade hoop earrings can be found at your local craft store; with over 50 hoops per package, you'll be designing your own DIY earrings all summer long. Check out these Halloween-inspired feather DIY earrings we made last year or find your own inspiration everywhere from Pinterest to the latest fashion magazine. These earrings were inspired by a set by Kenneth Jay Lane. But we'd love to see a version with pearls or chains. Get started here.

Magnesite Spike Earrings: Materials

Materials: 10 magnesite spike beads, hoop earrings or 20–26 gauge gold wire, 2 small gold beads, and pliers

Magnesite Spike Earrings: Step 1

1. If you are using bulk wire instead of premade hoop earrings, cut a 3-inch length of wire. Use pliers to create a loop on one end. Then wrap the wire around a small circular object like a travel-size bottle of shampoo. Thread a small gold bead onto the gold hoop earring.

Magnesite Spike Earrings: Step 2

2. Carefully thread each magnesite spike onto the earring hoop. Finish your pattern with a second gold bead. If you wish, use additional beads as spacers between each magnesite spike bead.

Magnesite Spike Earrings: Step 3

3. Using pliers, round the straight end of the wire, creating a hook to go through the circle. This will close the hoop so it doesn't fall off your ear! Repeat all steps for the second earring.

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