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10 Easy Halloween Costumes for the Stylish Gal

Combine fashion, ease, and creativity into your Halloween attire with one of these stylish DIYs. With outfits inspired by everything from food to royalty to emojis, these 10 easy Halloween costumes will help you look amazing in an affordable and innovative costume this year.

Sheep Costume

1 / 10


This DIY sheep costume by Marie of The Joy of Fashion is too cute for words, so save up your cotton balls and check out her easy step-by-step guide.

Photo: The Joy of Fashion


2 / 10


Embrace your love of burgers this Halloween as Kelly from Studio DIY did with this adorable costume. Kelly has a ton of equally amazing costumes on her DIY-focused site, so make sure to check out more tutorials like this one here.

Photo: Studio DIY


3 / 10


This clever and colorful costume idea from the Camille Styles team is pretty easy to recreate in a pinch. All you need is a hot-glue gun, a nude leotard, colorful crepe paper, and a pair of scissors.

Photo: Camille Styles

Kate Middleton

4 / 10


You'll spend Halloween being treated like a royal if you dress up as the always-fashionable Kate Middleton. This tutorial by In Honor of Design will teach you how to craft this stunning cocktail hat that you can pair with a matching dress, long jacket, and pumps.

Photo: In Honor of Design

Gumball Machine

5 / 10


We are obsessed with this creative costume from the blog The Joy of Fashion. The best part is that it's super-affordable for gals on a budget and can be recreated by embellishing items you may already own with colorful pom-poms.

Photo: The Joy of Fashion

Katy Perry

6 / 10


Cupcakes and Cashmere blogger Emily put together this over-the-top Katy Perry costume that's perfect for Halloween. Learn exactly how to get this eccentric look, complete with cupcake accessories and a candy belt, here.

Photo: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Flight Attendant

7 / 10


If DIY-ing isn't for you, no worries. This flight attendant costume from the blog What I Wore can be created with items you probably already have in your closet: a white button-up, a pencil skirt, and a rolling suitcase? Check.

Photo: What I Wore

Holly Golightly

8 / 10


For this classic look, all you need is an oversized white button-up and an embellished sleeping mask. We love this Holly Golightly-inspired mask on Etsy.

Photo: Etsy

Greenhouse Girl

9 / 10


If you love playing around with new makeup looks, try this tutorial for a bold and colorful Halloween costume idea. It's perfect for those looking for something fun and out-of-the-ordinary.

Red Dress Dancing Emoji

10 / 10


How can we not love this innovative idea by the Henkaa team? Try this if you're looking for something unique or don't have a ton of time to devote to a DIY project. Simply throw on a red dress, add matching pumps, and start practicing the signature emoji pose.

Photo: Henkaa

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