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15 Holiday Sweaters For All Of Your Ugly Sweater Party Needs

The holiday season is upon us, are you prepared for the slew of ugly sweater parties that come with it?

Christmas Tie Tree

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This one of a kind ugly sweater is brought to you by an alarming amount of Christmas ties. This not only serves as a fun Christmas sweater, it also takes these heinous ties off the hands of anyone who owns them. Two birds with one stone.

Photo: ilovetocreate

"Trek the Halls"

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Have yourself a very Trekkie Christmas. Katie Smith from Punk Projects, shows you step by step how to make your own.

Photo: Punk Projects

Warm up the Party

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Sure to light up any ugly Christmas sweater party, Carrie from Lovely Etc. shows you how to make this Christmas sweater.

Photo: Lovely Etc.

Sweater for Two?

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Expecting? This Christmas get up is not only festive, but easy to make. Swoodson Says gives you step-by-step instructions to make your own.

Photo: Swoodson Says

Christmas Dream or Nightmare?

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Recreate this sweater simply by hot gluing a felt reindeer accompanied by any and all Christmas memorabilia. The only thing that's missing is last year's fruitcake.

Photo: Imgur

Merry and Bright

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Make this reindeer painted sweater with ease thanks to Ariean at One Krieger Chick. This sweater is a classic spin on the ugly holiday sweater that is both merry and cute.

Photo: One Krieger Chick

Christmas Companion

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You'll never have to go to an ugly sweater party alone again (or is it scary sweater party?). This sweater from Etsy is the ultimate contender in any sweater competition.

Photo: Etsy

"Bite Me"

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Hungry? This sweater from Etsy is perfect for those with sass. Buy it now or create your own!

Photo: Etsy

A Real Head Turner

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This sweater is truly one-of-a-kind. Buy it on Etsy or create your own by attaching an old Santa decoration to a sweater. Whichever route you go, you're sure to turn heads.

Photo: Etsy

"Light It Up"

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Light up any holiday party with this ugly sweater on Etsy. Create your own using white felt, green tinsel and string lights.

Photo: Etsy

O Christmas Tree

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Recreating this sweater is easier than it may seem. Start with a plain sweater and lots of tinsel. Simply hot glue and wrap the tinsel entirely around the sweater. Then, add lights or ornaments as you'd like.

Photo: Etsy

Festively Fashionable

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This sweater is just tacky enough for an ugly sweater while still being fashionable. For this look start by gluing tinsel to a black sweater, then decorate with ornaments however you please.

Photo: Etsy

Be the Star of the Party

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Instagrammer @heathiepants takes holiday sweaters to the next level with this Christmas tree inspired look. Make your own by wrapping tinsel around a green sweater, decorate as desired, but don't forget the star.

Photo: Instagram

Perfectly Poinsettia

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Embody the holidays with this DIY sweater created by The Cheese Thief. With this step-by-step guide you can create your own or add some unique touches to make it yours.

Photo: The Cheese Thief

Purrfect Pair

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This holiday season spice, up your sweaters for the festivities that are to come. Create these sweaters following the DIY guide by Mr. Kate. They take you step by step on how to recreate this or add your own spin to them.

Photo: Mr. Kate

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