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23 BFF Halloween Costumes That Will Win You All the Awards

Who cares if you're single? These 23 Halloween costume ideas for you and your bestie are sure to beat the cutsie couples and walk away with "Best Partner Costume." Side note: turn any of these ideas scary with some fake blood.

Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon

1 / 23


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are adorable BFFs. Pay tribute to their friendship by rocking their most popular characters: Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope. You'll need plaid and a pantsuit along with a Pawnee Journal but it's totally worth it to be these feminist icons.

Why it wins: Feminism. Friendship. Fun. Do you really need any more proof than that?

Photo: Her Campus

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe

2 / 23


Ah the classic duo. The mix of sexy and sophisticated. Audrey dons a black dress, pearls, tiny crown, and shades. Marilyn slips into a plunging white cocktail dress, white heels, and red lipstick.

Why it wins: They are classic femme icons. And there's no topping the classics.

Photo: Doctor Marco, All Clip

Disney Princess and Villain

3 / 23


We love the idea of Ariel and Vanessa (aka Ursula), but you could also do Maleficent and Aurora, Snow White and the Evil Queen, or Alice and the Queen of Hearts—whatever suits you best.

Why it wins: Honestly anyone can be a Disney princess. It takes true best friends to pretend to be foes. Plus Disney villains rock.

Photo: Deviant Art

Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen

4 / 23


This idea is perfect for the preppy and punk rock best friend duos. There are countless ways to show Blair and Serena's signature styles, but if you're wanting something easy go for their Constance uniform. Just be sure to wear a headband for B and a loose tie for S.

Why it wins: They are the ultimate best friends and always have each other's back. Plus people will totally appreciate the reference to one of their favorite TV dramas/books.

Photo: IMDB

Calvin and Hobbes

5 / 23


If you and your bestie differ in heights, we recommend this best friend duo. The taller of the two stars as Hobbes by wearing a tiger suit while the shorter chills in a red and black striped shirt as Calvin. Be sure to get the crazy blonde hair just right for this character though.

Why it wins: It's unexpected. Calvin and Hobbes have been around awhile. It's not expected for people to think of them nowadays, but when they do it's a blast from the past which is a total win.

Photo: IMGUR

Flo and the Orbit Girl

6 / 23


These two characters ruled TV, and you and your homegirl can rule the Halloween party. All you need are a few white outfits to pull these two off. Then print off Progressive's logo and tape it for Flo, then grab an ascot and a pack of gum for the Orbit girl.

Why it wins: It's fun and simple! Plus if you practice saying, "Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit!" as well as "Flo, from Progressive" in the characters' voices it's sure to be a hit.

Photo: Total Frat Move

Mermaid and Fairy

7 / 23


The trick with rocking this magical duo is in the intricacy. Spend a lot of time getting your makeup just right and don't be afraid of glitter. Hint: stick to a similar color palette to keep your costumes consistent. Or do complete opposites like fire and water.

Why it wins: Mermaid makeup is super trendy right now, but you and your BFF take your Halloween costume a step further by dominating both land and sea. Well done.


Game of Thrones

8 / 23


Step up your Halloween game by paying tribute to one of the top television series. You can go as any combo (there are countless to choose from), but we really like this bestie duo's take on Cersei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell. Just be warned this may cost you a pretty penny, unless you have mad sewing skills in which case, make us one too? ;)

Why it wins: When done right people will recognize the craftsmanship as well as the references.

Photo: Golden Moustache

Daria and Jane

9 / 23


Epitomize teen angst with Daria and Jane from MTV. Chances are you already have their '90s style in your closet. Daria: orange tank, green jacket, gray skirt. Jane: red blazer, black v-neck, gray shorts, black tights. Bonus points for carrying a slice of pizza everywhere you go!

Why it wins: Daria and Jane are hilariously witty and sarcastic, not to mention the best of friends so it just fits BFFs so perfectly.

Photo: IMGUR

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

10 / 23


If you want to side with super villains, we recommend going as the crazy Harley Quinn and her sometimes partner, Poison Ivy. These costumes have tons of different versions from tutus to full body suits, so you guys get to decide just how much effort to put into it. The basic idea, though, is green attire and red hair for Ivy, and black and red for Quinn.

Why it wins: While everyone else is rocking baseball tees that say "Daddy's lil' Monster" on them, you pay tribute to the original drawing of this comic book duo, which makes you stand out.


Rum and Coke

11 / 23


If you and your bestie are in college, turn yourselves into your favorite mixed drinks for Halloween. Going as Captain Morgan and Coke is a fun and clever idea. However, other drink ideas to try: Tequila and Lime, Vodka Lemonade, Gin and Tonic.

Why it wins: Many college kids love their booze, so they'll love the clever idea of bringing their favorite drinks to life.


Hocus Pocus Witches

12 / 23


Run a muck around town as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. These sinister costumes work the best if there's three of you, but if it's just two going as Binx and Winifred is a great choice. After all, Halloween is the time for witches and cats, right?

Why it wins: Hocus Pocus is one of the best (and most popular) Halloween films. If done right, everyone will recognize who you are.

Photo: The Best of Halloween Costumes

Kim Kardashian v. Taylor Swift

13 / 23


Here's the deal, one of you goes as Taylor in a crop top, platinum blonde wig, and red lipstick while the other is Kim in a body hugging dress, nude lips, and long black wig parted down the middle. Then tape print-offs of their epic feuding posts to yourself. Pretty simple, right?

Why it wins: It is clever, original, and hilarious.


Team Rocket

14 / 23


While everyone else is slipping on their Pokemon Go trainer costumes, you take it back to the show '90s babies loved with Team Rocket. You'll need white clothing, red paint, and purple/red wigs. Bonus points for having a Meowth or any of their other Pokemon.

Why it wins: Team Rocket made the Pokemon TV show and original Poke-lovers will appreciate the throwback. Also, if you recite the poem your score will blast off at the speed of light!


Oh Deer and Holy Cow

15 / 23


Oh Deer and Holy Cow are an adorable way you and your bestie can dress as animals but still stand out from the herd of fellow Halloween creatures. A brown dress, white letters, and twigs are all you need for the "Oh Deer" while a white t-shirt, black felt for spots, and a halo work for "Holy Cow." You can even get creative in your makeup. If you like puns but want something different try one of these: Freudian slip, formal apology, don't cry over spilled milk.

Why it wins: Everyone loves animals and everyone loves puns. Simple as that.

Photo: IMGUR

High School Monica and Rachel

16 / 23


We can't talk about best friend costumes without mentioning Rachel and Monica from friends. To keep the idea fresh, go as them from high school. Monicas wear a frumpy sweater and long skirt while Rachels slip into a bright blue shirt with black pants.

Why it wins: Friends ruled the '90s and the episode of Monica wearing a fat suit and Rachel before her nose job is iconic.


Louise and Tina Belcher

17 / 23


A green t-shirt dress, pink bunny hat, navy skirt, and blue t-shirt are all you need to become this hilarious sibling duo. Bonus points for an "Erotic Friend Fiction" notebook.

Why it wins: With Bob's Burgers being one of the top shows on Netflix, everyone will recognize who you are, and will love you for it.

Photo: Glitter Mint

Kim Possible and Shego

18 / 23


If one of you is super into Halloween while the other likes to keep it simple, then this is the pair for you. Kim's outfit is super easy with a black crop top and cargo pants while Shego's takes a little more work to make the green and black body suit.

Why it wins: Kim Possible is one of the most recognizable cartoon characters of our generation. Plus, she and Shego are two of the strongest female leads in cartoons and girly badasses always win.

Photo: IMDB

Election Madness aka: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

19 / 23


Let's face it, this year's election year has been CRAZY! Have some fun with it by impersonating the two candidates. Find a pantsuit at a thrift shop for Hillary and a standard business suit with a red tie for Trump. Bonus points for the wigs and a hat that says "Make America Great Again." Warning: may cause arguments over who gets to be who.

Why it wins: When done right, it's hilarious, and after this election process, everyone needs a good laugh. A really good laugh.


The Princess and The Basket Case

20 / 23


If you're on a budget or pressed for time, there's nothing easier than paying tribute to one of the best '80s films, The Breakfast Club. Sure it'd be great to do the whole gang, but if it's just you two don't be afraid to rock Claire and Allison. All you need for Claire: a pink t-shirt, brown skirt, and brown belt. For Allison: a black sweater, black wig, and a long black/white printed skirt.

Why it wins: You pay tribute to a different classic film (we can't be the only ones tired of Grease). People will appreciate your creativity and originality with these two iconic high school characters.

Photo: IMDB

Officer Hops and Nick

21 / 23


Inspired from Disney's Zootopia, this idea is perfect for the male/female best friend pairs. Not to say two girls or two guys can't pull it off, it's just easier. The trick is in the animal characteristics. Ace the ears and tails and no one will question who you are.

Why it wins: It's new! Because Zootopia just came out in March, it hasn't been done. Everyone's done Buzz and Woody or Mike and Sully, but no one has done Officer Hops and Nick for Halloween.


Tom and Jerry

22 / 23


Tom and Jerry aren't necessarily best friends, but this costume has BFF written all over it. All you need is gray or brown clothing, headbands with mouse and cat ears, and some gloves. Bonus points for making a hammer and cheese.

Why it wins: It's clever and so easy to make! Plus it reminds people of their childhood mornings. Nostalgia for the win!

Photo: IMDB

GIRL POWER! Aka Vaginas

23 / 23


If all else fails slip on these vagina suits from Conceived in Brooklyn. Not only do you feel serious girl power, but proceeds from this costume go to 50 Cents. Period., a non-profit organization which provides free menstrual product to women in marginalized and vulnerable communities. Win/Win.

Why it wins: It's brave, symbolic, and philanthropic. Hello, it's a vagina. And the only thing better than one vagina is two vaginas. Period.

Photo: Conceived in Brooklyn

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