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DIY Fashion: How to Make Jeweled Mules

Give a plain pair of mules a glam facelift with this easy DIY project inspired by a pricey designer pair. High style for a bargain price!

Mules are making a comeback this season, and some of our favorites have eye-catching embellishments that make them beyond amazing. Take these Tibi Britt Crystal Mule Wedges. They're an updated take on a '90s trend we're happy to welcome back, but they're a bit out of our budget. So we used them as inspiration and fashioned a look-alike pair of our own. See how easy they are to make today!

DIY Jeweled Mules

Start by gathering your supplies. You'll need a pair of mules, of course. I found mine at Target for under $30 (try these or these). Look for a black or cognac leather pair with at least a 3-inch heel height and a wide heel base (no stilettos for this project!). You want to make sure it's something you can comfortably walk in.

DIY Jeweled Mules

Besides the mules, you'll need 2 pieces of scrap faux leather (I used black to match the color of my shoes), a Sharpie pen, scissors, rhinestone jewels, and a hot-glue gun, and scissors.

DIY Jeweled Mules

1. For each shoe, fold the right sides of one scrap piece of leather together. At the fold, line up the center of the back of the heel. Using a Sharpie, trace the arch of the heel.

2. Remove the heel and draw another rectangle on top of the line, almost the length of the arch. Mark that shape into small squares; they'll become the tabs you use to secure the leather piece to the shoe.

DIY Jeweled Mules

3. Cut along the outer lines, and then trace the finished shape on another piece of faux leather so you have a matching shape for the other shoe. Use your scissors to snip along the vertical lines of the small squares you drew to create tabs. Leave the bottoms of the squares connected to the top of the large curved piece. Take care to snip only to the curved line and not into it so your cuts don't show when the leather is glued to the shoe.

4. Using the hot-glue gun, add a generous amount of glue to the back of the heel. Wrap the leather shape around the base of the heel, matching up both the top and bottom edges as shown. In the space where the tabs begin, add another bead of hot glue to the underneath of the sole and press the tabs in place.

DIY Jeweled Mules

5. Adhere the rhinestones to the new leather base using hot glue; continue adding stones to create your own unique pattern. Let dry.

So, for just a few bucks and minimal effort, you can have a cool one-of-a-kind pair of jeweled mules perfect for an evening out. You'll want to be a bit careful with them to avoid dislodging stones, but if you do lose one, you can always replace it easily. Hope you give this fun DIY project a try!

For more style and DIY ideas from Sam, visit The Brunette One.

Samantha McClelland

Samantha McClelland currently resides in Iowa as a full-time merchandise buyer. Before landing her job in the corporate world, she was itching for a creative outlet. After perusing many interior design, DIY, and fashion blogs, she created The Brunette One in July of 2010. The Brunette One is a collection of splendid things. A collection that includes Samantha's love of fashion; cataloging the latest trends and shopping tips, along with sharing her personal and street style inspirations. In her spare time, Samantha moonlights as co-owner and founder of StyleEsque, the director of communications for Go Blog Social and co-founder of Midwest Bloggers.

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