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DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

Add a little extra something to your ring stack with a hand chain. These dainty chains look effortlessly chic, and—we'll let you in on a little secret—they're an easy DIY project! Make one this weekend.

DIY Hand Chain

You've seen them on trendsetters, celebs, and on the runway. No doubt about it: Hand chains are hot. But they don't have to cost an arm or a leg (or a hand). We'll show you how to make a chic DIY hand chain with these instructions.

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain


DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

1. Create the bracelet portion of your hand chain. Measure your wrist using a measuring tape. (Mine was 6 inches around.)

2. Cut a length of chain using wire cutters.

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

3. Finish the bracelet by adding a jump ring to one end of the chain. Use pliers to open the jump ring just slightly so you can add the chain link onto it; squeeze the jump ring shut using pliers. On the other end, add the lobster clasp to a jump ring, and connect it to the chain.

4. Next, place a jump ring in the middle of your bracelet. This is where the middle chain will be placed to connect to the ring you'll have on your finger.

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

5. Measure a length of chain that stretches from the jump ring on your bracelet to the finger where you'll wear your ring. Cut the length of chain using wire cutters and set it aside. (Mine was 3.5 inches long.)

6. For the ring portion, measure your middle finger using your measuring tape (and add a few extra centimeters for good measure). Cut the chain this length, and add a jump ring to one end of the chain; bring it around and connect to create a ring.

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

7. Attach a jump ring to one end of the middle chain and connect it to the ring portion. Connect the other end of the middle chain to the jump ring on the bracelet. Everything is connected now! Tip: I like to connect the jump rings to each other for ease.

8. Now you've got a basic hand chain! You can either finish here or if you're feeling creative, add more connecting chains as I did. For this hand chain, I added diagonal chains on each side of the middle chain.

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image.

DIY Jewelry: How to Make a Hand Chain

If you love making jewelry, head over to A Sparkle Affair for more inspiration!

Kelly Anderson

Kelly is a contributor to DivineCaroline and is the voice behind the jewelry blog, A Sparkle Affair. She is a lover of all things sparkly, from new to vintage, statement to delicate and gold to silver (and especially rose gold). Her love of jewelry started with seeing the women in her family wear beautiful jewels, and she was eager to start her own collection. Since then, she never goes anywhere without jewelry of some kind (the bigger, the better!) and has a true passion for inspiring others through sparkly, statement jewels!

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